Louise Redknapp Brutal Explanation to End Jamie’s Marriage After Strictly


Louise Redknapp, and her husband Jamie appeared to be the ultimate celebrity couple.She was a huge popstar hit when they first met, he has a Premier League football talent.

Loved tying the knot so far when Louise was just 23 years old. Instead of a lavish celeb bash, they opted for a quiet ceremony on vacation in Bermuda in 1998.

The grief followed by Louise and Jamie as they struggled to get pregnant.

Louise was diagnosed with the painful condition of endometriosis, which made it difficult to conceive, just a year after their marriage.

Louise and Jamie Redknapp, seemed to have one of the strongest marriages in the show bizz

But six years after their wed, Jamie and Eternelles former singer of Louise welcomed their first son, Charley.

It was the happy end for a four-year battle to become a parent, and the couple was overjoyed when their youngest son Beau completed their family in 2009.

When Jamie retired from professional football, he carved out a successful career as a presenter and oracles.

Meanwhile, Louise devoted her time to caring for their young children, having turned their backs on lifestyle celebrity.

Jamie and Louise looked like they had one of the strongest marriages in show bizz.

Louise, Jamie and their two boys, Charley and Beau

But then, in 2016, Louise joined the strictly Come Dancing line-up, where she partnered with Kevin Clifton.

The singer and his dance partner instantly hit and their chemistry and their amazing moves on the dance floor earned them a place in the BBC competition finals.

Jamie Pals, including James Corden, Freddie Flintoff and Jack Whitehall, tirelessly annoyed him about the so-called Strictly Forbidden. ”

At the time, Louise said, “I could see Jamie getting more and more angry with the jokes. ”

But she insisted the couple laughed out of any suggestion, she would be cheating.

Kevin Louise Redknapp partnership, 2017 series
Kevin Louise Redknapp partnership, 2017 series

In the early days of rehearsals, Louise – already a mother of Beau and Charley boys shared, hopes that her partner may have some influence in the extension of the Redknapp brood.

Dubbed Kevin’s fertility king, ‘Louise joked about the conspiracy that Kevin could lead to her and Jamie having a daughter like her last two partners – Frankie Pont and Kellie Lumineux – who got pregnant soon after show.

“Maybe it’s the good luck charm I need to get that girl I really want,” Louise told Au Soleil.

“Jamie would be the love of another baby, I’m not a youngster, so let’s see what happens. But I’m only Strictly fit now, let’s see. ”

After years out of the spotlight, what the former Eternal singer found in the competition was a new lease of trust.

Louise Strictly saluted her “savior” and was emboldened to return to the scene after 12 years of “doing the mom thing” – with Kevin acting as a constant source of support.

Louise Redknapp split from husband Jamie after Strictly Featured in 2016
Louise Redknapp split from husband Jamie after Strictly Featured in 2016

As the competition heated, Louise and Kevin grew even closer with the training pair for hours each day and delighted the audience with their routines each Saturday night.

And while the two garbage rumors sparkle between them, it doesn’t stop the agitation of tongues.

Then, just a few months after she reached the final of Strictly, Jamie Louise’s wedding crumbled.

She admitted in a moving interview that her appearance on the show had made her re-evaluate her whole life.

Louise said she ended up getting tired of being a “Stepford woman”, striving to always be the perfect woman and mom.

Louise has now relaunched her career
Louise has now relaunched her career

She added, “I wanted children so much, I was happy to put everything on hold for them. ”

But as Jamie’s media career had flourished, Louise admitted that she was struggling with his successes and failed to be an artist.

She said, “Standing up and watching Jamie become this star entertainment was quite difficult. I was proud of him, but there was a part of me thinking, “This is my world.” I could see the joy he had and I knew how it felt. But it wasn’t me feeling any more. ”

And once she started Strictly, she felt physically sick at the thought that she’d never perform again.

Louise first confirmed the couple was living apart in October and filed for divorce in December 2017.

And it wasn’t the only chance Louise did. She relaunched her career, releasing new music and appearing in the West End.

Describing her decision to leave Jamie and restart her career as “the first selfish thing I did”, she admitted that, although no one is “understood”, she felt like she is finally “coming back to who I am really “.

Heartbreaking, despite their close relationship Strictly, Louise and Kevin no longer speak.

Louise and Kevin last in concert photo in December 2018, when the singer was invited to meet his former Strictly partner and his parents for the annual Clifton at the Annual Christmas Ball Dance Academy in Grimsby.

The Naked Singer says that four months later, “I haven’t talked to him for a long time. “


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