Lots of Water and Some New Poi


Well, we finally did. One of the proposed seasonal changes was a card flood. Fortnite for a long time, and now we have one. Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 is water themed, and the island is looking for a whole lot more like an archipelago of view: huge portions are now underwater, stacked with sharks and loans for plunder. We will be checking out the biggest map change for the start of the season.

To start: what is obvious. Many ancient points of interest are now under water, and while the mountainous regions of the southeast of the region are relatively unspoiled, everything else on the map is now scattered around the layout of small and large islands. There are hints of the old Pi — places like Sweat of the Sands, Farm Frenzy and Wet Grindstones are still there, they’re just mostly submerged.

In many places, such as the Pleasant Park, houses and other buildings are in place on the floats, with other large airbags, to bounce off. And Crying Woods – Crying Woods don’t do well.

We will go to the map:

In addition to these modified areas, we have four brand-new Poi:

  • The Fortilla
  • The Authority
  • Catty coin
  • Bancale Rig

Fortilla is, for the most part, the most direct water world, a nod to something that obviously serves as an inspiration for the season. It’s a dilapidated floating city that looks like a moment of fun: there is a choppa pad and a pirate ship for everything you could possibly need.

Wobbly platform is clearly the platform, but it’s not quite as simple as plunging the whole thing. It’s kind of puffed up and scattered all over the place, with a signifying vault, it collapsed from the state. There seems to be a lot more money, so expect more here as the season progresses.

Catty Coin is where Meowscles took up residence after losing Deadpool’s yacht: it’s essentially an enriched version of the factory area, complete with add-ons like robots.

The Authority replaces the Agency in the center of the map, and it’s sure to be a very busy place in any game. It’s basically The Agency after the Shadow takeover, which makes them makes it look a lot more like the bad guys than they did before. It is quite threatening, with a dike to keep relatively dry.

That’s the bottom line: there are some smaller Pi’s changed as well, and you’ll definitely want to see what Deadpool has done with the yacht. But the most exciting part of this season will be the gradual return to the receding waters, which should generate all kinds of treasures as things continue.


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