Lorraine Kelly of GMB berates Andi Peters as he horrifies viewers with a vulgar word


Good Morning Britain host Lorraine Kelly warned Andi Peters to stop saying a word that had an extremely vulgar meaning in the Urban Dictionary.Andi announced the show’s competitions and how to participate, live from his hanger at home.

He used the word “gongoozler”, which officially means “a person who enjoys watching activity on UK channels.

The word was introduced to the show by guest Glyes Brandreth, who was probably unaware of its alternate meaning.

Lorraine told Andi to never use the word “gongoozle” again

But some bewildered viewers searched for the definition of the word and encountered the rather graphic sexual act on the Urban Dictionary.

They then contacted the show to complain, so Lorraine berated Andi and warned him that it was a “naughty word.”

Lorraine said: “Glyes Brandreth gave us a word earlier, Andi I never want you to use this, we had a few tweets and apparently the word is very mean. So don’t use it ok? ”

“Yes, zipped,” replied Andi.

One spectator tweeted: ” @andipeters well I would love so much that my curiosity did not win me by searching for gongoozles on the internet lorraine@GMB “.

Another joked: ” @ITVGMBritain@gylesbrandreth I also like @fansoflorraine thought gongoozle was a fabulous word until I looked up it’s real sense … and it has nothing to do with looking at the water.

” Made #susiedent really introduce you to this word? : -o “.

Another warned Lorraine: ” @reallorraine do not use this word gongoozle! Look for it in the urban dictionary! “.

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* Good Morning Britain aired on weekdays on ITV at 6 a.m.


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