Lloyd’s of London and Greene King to Trade in Repair Slaves | world news


Two large British companies have promised to make payments to representatives of the black population, as well as those of other ethnic minorities, as they seek to meet their founders’ roles in the transatlantic slave trade.Greene King chain and brewer commercial and London’s Lloyd’s insurance market revealed on Wednesday evening that they will be making the repairs.

The news, first reported by the Telegraph, as people outraged by the assassination of an African American man in Minnesota, George Floyd, as well as the pursuit of racial discrimination closest to home , demand that the UK recognize the legacy of the British Empire’s important role in enslaving millions of Africans.

Files archived by researchers at University College London (UCL) show that one of Greene King’s founders, Benjamin Greene, who held at least 231 human beings in bondage and became a staunch supporter of the practice.

When slavery was abolished in the British Empire in 1833, the government agreed to pay compensation; not slavery, but for slavers.

Records show Greene was given the equivalent of £ 500,000 at the daily rate when he transferred the Montserrat and St. Kitts planting rights.

He handed over control of his brewery, his son three years later and he gave his current name following a merger in 1887. Several of Greene’s descendants subsequently held important posts in British society, including a Bank of England Governor, MP Conservative and Managing Director of the BBC.


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