Lives in vietnam, views the imperialist u.s., even in “Da 5 Bloods”


All wars are fought twice, the first time on the battlefield, the second time in memory. This is certainly true for what the Americans call the “Vietnam war” and what the Vietnamese victorious call the “american war”. The two terms obscures how a war that has killed more than 58,000 Americans and three million Vietnamese was also conducted in Laos and Cambodia, killing hundreds of thousands of others, and leading directly to the cambodian genocide.

In its way typically solipsiste, centered on the United States, whitewashed, Hollywood is leading this war against celluloid since the atrocity of the “green Berets” John Wayne in 1968, a movie so nudement propagandistic that it could have been achieved by the Third Reich.

Born in Vietnam but made in America, I have a personal and professional interest in fetish hollywood about this war. Unfortunately, I have watched almost all the films of the “Vietnam war” made by Hollywood. It is an exercise that I would recommend to anyone.

Watching movies on the “Vietnam war” is my own personal experience of the “groundhog Day”, because I know, for sure, how Hollywood will represent the Vietnamese and the Americans. For Americans, Hollywood turns a defeat of the Vietnamese conflict, which is in fact a civil war in the american spirit, where the greatest enemies of all Americans are in reality themselves. In one of the twists and turns foreign in the self-magnification, Hollywood made American anti-heroes, which may seem strange given that Hollywood is the department’s unofficial propaganda american.


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