Liverpool vs Crystal Palace will be a reminder of Philippe Coutinho, but not for the reason you think


Liverpool’s first competitive match at Anfield since the resumption of the Premier League comes on Wednesday night as they host Crystal Palace.There will be no fans in the stadium, but Liverpool will be focused, however: a victory takes another step closer to the passage that the marker that they need to confirm their title to the crown.

While most of the focus will be on this, Jurgen Klopp and his coaches, and the players only have their eyes on the task at hand.

Tactically, they will be prepared, and these tactics can be even more evident given the lack of crowd noise.

Their opponents, Roy Hodgson side will be tricky customers, and, in fact, remains the last team to beat the Reds at Anfield in the Premier League, in April 2017.

But they will have to be a significant threat, which has caused problems for Liverpool on many occasions in the past, and will need careful management.

Speaking about Analysis Anfield podcast, Josh Williams explained: “Wilfried Zaha was the key man, and if you look at the average positions of the Palaces with the most used formation, the left side of the front is the player closest to the goal.

“He is the man they are trying to play through. With that threat behind it, it is a relatively similar dynamic to what Sadio Mane offer and Liverpool will have to answer to him.

“It is crucial to bring them up to the outside, because they tend to sit very deep and it is really important in terms of passing in the penalty box. “

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In a sense, he works for Crystal Palace as their attacks are already likely to avoid the right side of the field, where the left of the central defender Virgil van Dijk will be in line for the Reds. But all the same, Liverpool are heavy favorites.

David Hughes added: “He reminds me a bit of Philippe Coutinho era of Liverpool’s 4-3-3, where there was such confidence in a player and that the player is at the centre of all possession.

“It is almost out of his own a little and it’s a little like,” give the ball to him.” If you keep quiet, it is essentially nullifying their greatest threat. ”

In the past, against low opponents at Anfield, Liverpool would have a tendency to look for the creativity of Coutinho to get a moment of magic to break the deadlock.

This is no longer the case, the variance and the unpredictability of the key.

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No longer a player, the only danger to the opponents, with the Mane and Mohamed Salah in large areas upper and Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander Arnold behind them only four attacking threats.

Play Crystal Palace on Wednesday night will be a reminder of this, but also a reminder, given Hodgson’s men the confidence on Zaha, from what used to be the case for them with Coutinho.


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