Liverpool “target” tipped for change to Premier League “would adapt to Jurgen Klopp’s system”


Marcelo Brozovic is a name that will be familiar to those who follow transfer rumors closely, the 27-year-old midfielder being one of those who regularly appears in reports, often from Italy, linking him to a move at Merseyside.Perhaps someone who went under the radar of English fans who could follow Serie A from afar, Brozovic was one of the leading figures of Croatia, alongside Dejan Lovren, when they reached the final of the World Cup in 2018.

Speaking on a Blood Red special transfer, Serie A writer Chloe Beresford explained that Brozovic is actually very similar to a current Premier League star – and someone Liverpool was supposed to follow before moving to England from Italy.

She said: “Brozovic’s role has been adapted somewhat by Inter’s previous manager, Luciano Spalletti.

“Spalletti came up with the idea of ​​dropping him deeper into the midfield – more than a holding player, but more as a playmaker.

“Brozovic was a midfielder before that, but now he’s the linchpin of the way Inter works.

“It is hard and protects the defense very well, but its distribution is really precise.

“Chelsea’s Jorginho played a similar role for Napoli – the midfielder’s metronome that turns everything on.

“He’s harder than that and he has this mindset of being able to recover the ball, then recover and play a specific pass – everything goes through him. ”

Brozovic has a £ 53 million release clause written into his contract with Inter Milan, although speculation in Italy is that Serie A, currently third in the league, wants to negotiate a new deal with the clause removed.

But if he moves away from Italy, Beresford thinks that England would be a probable destination, in spite of the rumored interest of Barcelona.

Beresford added: “I think English football would be better if he were to move away because he has this approach which would work quite well in England.

“He is reasonable, but he is also talented and has scored decent goals.

“With the way Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp play, he would be someone who could really fit into this system.

“It would certainly be worth a good amount of money. ”

Liverpool FC essential news

If Liverpool choose to take a step for Brozovic, the highly rated midfielder will likely have several options.

But it won’t be cheap, and with the uncertainty in the looming transfer market, any move this summer could be off the table.


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