Liverpool news and transfers LIVE – Ousmane Dembele’s “decision”, Timo Werner’s denial, Virgil van Dijk’s “new deal”


One of the most natural finishers in Red history, local hero Robbie Fowler said.

Former Kop Idol, who has scored 183 goals for Liverpool in two periods, told the Mirror:

I’ve heard the noise surrounding Timo Werner for the past few weeks – but I’m not a big fan.I realize that he is a talented player, he has moments of brilliance in the matches which underline his quality.

But I maintain this: is Werner up to the top three in Liverpool? Not for me.

And, of course, my opinion will be put to the test next season if it completes a move to Chelsea.

There have been so many rumors around his destination for months now, with my former club at the heart of it, but most of the other big names in European football are linked to him.

I also saw the collapse of some Liverpool fans when they realized he probably wouldn’t leave RB Leipzig for Anfield after all.

Looks like a Marco van Basten, a world class player who would go to any camp.

For the life of me, I don’t know why. I’ve watched it many times and there are things I like and admire about his game.

But does it influence games enough? Not for me. Does it match the players you sign to challenge and replace? Not in Liverpool. Maybe at Chelsea.

And this is the important point that the fans forget, I think. I’ve heard so many people complain that the Liverpool owners don’t splash the money, don’t dive into Werner when he “steals” at £ 52 million. But is it really?

By the standards of the past two years, maybe. Maybe not. It’s still a pretty high price, when compared to the fees Liverpool paid for Mo Salah, Sadio Mane and Bobby Firmino, all of which cost between £ 10 million and £ 20 million less.

Yet now that the world of football is in financial crisis due to a global pandemic, everyone connected to the game knows that there is absolute certainty of a massive recalibration of the transfer market.

It’s only the fans who don’t see that. They see one of the promising young strikers from Europe apparently linked to all the clubs – and does not go to their club.

This is the reality – all of these other clubs, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Juventus, Real Madrid, Man City and United have watched it and have thought, in today’s market, that their release clause fees are too high.

How do we know this? Because otherwise they would have activated it.


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