Liverpool needs two points for the Premier League title after his victory over Crystal Palace


Theiverpool had already come here.Ask Brendan Rodgers, Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez.

2014, read, 2020. Six years ago, Palace and Chelsea were direct barriers, a point solitary of consecutive matches snatching the trophy out of the hands of the Kop.

Liverpool needed to beat Palace and hope for a Chelsea against City on Thursday, this time.

There have been a few suggestions in 2014, the nervous intensity of the home support has played his role in the disappearance final to Liverpool. It was an argument dusted and trampled on by the winger of Manchester City, Raheem Sterling in the head-to-head last season, also, the memories of the winger English to Anfield during the running-in of the title, Rodgers somewhat selective given that it was part of a team that has won 12 of its last 14 matches.

However, there was no prospect of a crowd anxious to have a result that is unduly negative this year. Klopp and his players knew they had to see it alone, and the intensity of their departure showed a determination not to extend the date of their coronation.

While the rest of the country has checked the calendar to know when and where it could be, some fans of Liverpool spent the days between the derby of the Mersey on Sunday and the visit of Palace to consider the possibility of an advance of 25 points to 14 at the time of their departure. Etihad on 2 July. Too pessimistic? This is what 30 years of suffering you are.

Liverpool has not been impressive in his match back, Klopp, attributing this to the nature of the derby of Merseyside, rather than a matter of concern.

He needed to be reassured here, helped by the return of Salah and Robertson, sorely missed at Goodison Park. They showed to what point their presence was transformative in a few minutes, the defenders of the Palace in a backwards movement perpetual, while the red shirts were hurled into a first-half dominant.

Wijnaldum was shot largely at the end of eight minutes, and Henderson flew on the centre perfectly weighted Mane while a first goal seemed inevitable.

This came from a source familiar, Alexander-Arnold engaging again in the kind of free kick that David Beckham has made her strong. Jordan Ayew had taken it upon himself to commit as many fouls on the edge of the penalty area, we wondered if he was trying deliberately to ensure that the goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey was suremployé.

Alexander Arnold has chosen his place and flew to a crowd of imagination. It was the first of several strikes that deserved more than a splash strange applause of the box developers, and shelter.


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