Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson has no objection to Anfield’s games


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Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson changed opposition to Liverpool playing at home in the Premier League and playing the derby at Everton.

Anderson was concerned that fans would gather outside of Anfield and Goodison Park in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Premier League is scheduled to resume in camera on June 17, with venues for Liverpool to Everton and Manchester City scheduled to be decided.

“We are in a better place than four weeks ago,” said Anderson.

“We were able to explain why it is so important that no one gathers outside or near land. ”

Liverpool city council will meet on Monday to decide whether the Merseyside derby can be played at Goodison Park.

In April Anderson said that the Premier League revival was a “non-starter” and that fans gathering off the pitch would create a “grotesque” situation.

But he told The Athletic: “Since then we have had the opportunity to speak to the fans and the clubs have done their part and spread the word that supporters should stay away.

“Both clubs have made it clear. (Liverpool manager) Jurgen Klopp made it clear.

“So I would have no objection to the games being played on our club grounds – both the Goodison derby and the Liverpool games at Anfield. ”

Liverpool led the table by 25 points with nine games left.

Their first game will be in Everton on June 21, when they could win their first title in 30 years.

Merseyside police have declared that “as regards crime and disorder” they have “no objection” to the game being played at Goodison Park and that they are “ready to provide the services of police required ”.

The remaining 92 Premier League games will be broadcast live on Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC Sport or Amazon Prime.


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