Liverpool may find a transfer solution in a difficult market, with a decision on smart for the stated purpose


Liverpool don’t sign Timo Werner, and it is unlikely that he will make great strides for other targets reported this summer, despite speculation linking them with transfers.In a world where the coronavirus is on the horizon, there is a potential danger surrounding all the movements.

With an advance of colossal at the top of the table of the Premier League and as champions of Europe and world champion, the level of risk attached to the game does not outweigh the reward potential.

Instead of signatures at wholesale price, if additions need to be made, they will have to be creative solutions, which is the reason why a player like Ryan Fraser has been proposed as a possible free agent.

If Liverpool needed to buy a player, return to the data and find a good deal on the current market could be ideal. And this is where Norwich City on the scene.

Speaking on the podcast Analyzing Anfield, Josh Williams said: “the One who comes to mind for me would be Emiliano Buendia.

“Norwich is likely to be one of the clubs to suffer because of this epidemic of coronavirus with finances. They are not particularly a club rich and more than the other clubs of the First League depends on the sales of players to generate revenue. ”

“It may be that if they accept, let’s say, 20 million pounds sterling, to Buendia, then maybe it is a case much less expensive, and his wages would be considerably less [than Timo Werner’s]. ”

Buendia was never going to cost the earth, but would be even cheaper this summer now that the economic landscape has changed.

Listen to the entire podcast Analyzing Anfield by clicking HERE

If Norwich are relegated, as is likely, the midfielder argentine striker, who can also play at a large scale, will probably not be on-site.

The player of 23 years old has only seven goals for his club this season – seven of them being assists – but this does not tell the whole story.

The success rate of the passes of 81% of Buendia, for someone who plays in the final third, is impressive. It is identical to the rate of Sadio Mane, and five percentage points higher than that of Mohamed Salah.

Defensively, he has achieved a 2.3 tackles per game this season, according to WhoScored, better than any regular player of Liverpool, and more than double that of Roberto Firmino, who is rightly praised for its contributions to defensive.

Of course, he currently plays in a team that sees less of the ball than Liverpool, but it proves at least that he is not afraid of pressing tasks and off the ball.

Buendia has made an average of 2.6 passes key per game this season – at least 0.8 more than any attacker regular of Liverpool, and the same as Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Its goals expected are approximately two subspecies, which means that he would have had to score twice in the league this season. It is not huge, but in the Liverpool team, he would have more chances.

The philosophies of Daniel Farke and Jurgen Klopp are not so different, and so adapt to life at Anfield would not necessarily be a difficult battle.

Having missed a single match this season in the Premier League – the 2-1 defeat to Norwich at Tottenham – Buendia also has an excellent record of injuries.

If Liverpool sign someone this summer, this player will probably be a good deal.

The old man Getafe could be just that.


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