Liverpool legend is “weird” Merseyside derby application


Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson says Liverpool’s clash against Everton this weekend, “don’t feel like a derby”. The Reds take on their Merseyside rivals at Goodison Park on Sunday, in the 236th installment of the old rivalry, but it will be unlike anything we have seen before.

The match will be played in an empty stadium, behind closed doors, without fans present because of the effects of the sars coronavirus pandemic.

Jurgen Klopp’s side need just six more points to clinch the Premier League title, and a victory on Sunday would move their triumph a step further.

Lawrenson, who made nearly 300 appearances for the Reds and has taken part in 15 Merseyside derbies, believes this weekend’s game will not be as daunting as it usually would.

“Of all the games to play behind closed doors this weekend, it’s going to feel like the odd one out,” Lawrenson told the BBC.

“It is a derby, but it won’t feel like in any shape or form. I’ll be very surprised if the players are slamming into each other as they normally would.

“Goodison is usually such an intimidating field from the point of view of the safeguarding of Everton get it, especially against Liverpool, and the players usually feed on the derby atmosphere. We will not see any of that this time though. ”

Looking at the actual game, Lawrenson still expects Liverpool to recover their winning form, and has predicted a victory of 1-0 for the Reds.

“I expect Liverpool to be the team trying to set the pace, but he is optimistic to expect the kind of performance that brought them so far clear at the top of the table,” said Lawrenson.

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“As good as the Reds front three are, they are only bright when they are really super and I don’t think they will be.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Everton are careful to play with three at the back and sit in a little – they don’t want to get ripped – because of all this that I can see it being a tight match.

“But the way Liverpool’s season has been so far, I’m still going with them to find a way to win. We already know that they are capable of doing when they are not at their best.”


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