Listen to a perfect imitation of Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson so that his biopic of boxer gets a “definitive yes”


It has been at least six years that a biopic of Mike Tyson directed by Jamie Foxx has been announced. Although this does not seem long to Hollywood, the project, called Find Mikehad almost been forgotten, until this week.

Foxx announced yesterday that the movie on the life of boxer legendary and controversial is going on very certainly.

Jamie Foxx | Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

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This is not the first round of Foxx with biopics

Jamie Foxx, of course, won the Academy Award in 2005 for best actor for his interpretation of the legend of the american music of Ray Charles.

He told ABC News in January 2020: “to Win the Oscar was probably the greatest joy of art that a person can have, because Ray Charles was celebrated. This film has been celebrated in such a way that everyone could work around it. It was a character healthy. This was not a tragic character. It was a character redeemer. “

Jamie Foxx in 2005 with his Oscar for 'Ray'
Jamie Foxx in 2005 with his Oscar for ‘Ray’ | ROBYN BECK / AFP via Getty Images

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As to learn how to imitate the musician in preparation for his movie that defines a career, Foxx says that he simply has not done.

“Coming from the comedy,” he told the New York Times in 2004, “I could easily grasp an impersonation of Ray Charles. The difficult thing was to capture its nuances. “

A perfect imitation of Mike Tyson for Foxx

Learning this week that its highly-anticipated film on the life of Mike Tyson goes ahead, Foxx revealed on the series ‘ Instagram Live of Mark Birnbaum, Catching Up, that he worked a lot to improve.

“It is a definitive yes,” said Foxx at Birnbaum Find Mike. “Listen, do biographies is a difficult thing. Sometimes it takes 20 years to complete. But we officially launched the true ball. Every two days, I do 60 push-ups, we do 60 dips, we do 100 chin-ups. “

Listen to the imitation of Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson at 1:03 am

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Foxx, 52-year-old spoke to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show in 2015 and has developed his imitation of the boxer one night in a nightclub. Only to discover that the man himself was in the audience and not in a very good mood.

“I get to my joke of Mike Tyson,” said Foxx about his performance at the age of 21, ” I am on the point of the kill, and there is complete silence. Because Mike Tyson is in the audience. And this is at a time where Mike knocks people for having the wrong shirt, you know?

The makers of Tyson shouted Foxx from the back of the club that “Iron Mike” wanted him to go ahead with the joke and that it was better that it be good.

“I make the joke,” he continued, ” the joke was great, I get a standing ovation. ”

After that, Tyson himself got on stage, and Foxx says it was at that moment that their long friendship has begun. In the course of its history, of course, the actor included her imitation of Tyson, which only served to strengthen her ideal for the role.

Twitter: Jamie Foxx

The excitement of Twitter for the representation of Jamie Foxx Mike Tyson, 53 years old, was clearly evident.

“Jamie’s going to nail him, he is a chameleon absolute body mechanics amazing and can you combine his creativity with the fact that he is also an imitator of high-level to many levels, you can’t go wrong “, said one fan.

Another tweet said“Jamie is literally one of the best imitators / actors of all time, I can’t wait for that. ”

And another fan reflects what many say, that this performance of Foxx could hook up another Oscar.

“This will be the next Oscar of @iamjamiefoxx! I patiently wait… ”

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