[LISTEN] Noname Releases Track “Song 33′ Response to J. Cole


Photo: Getty Images for the Governors Ball

J. Cole stans, you can sit down before reading this because Noname just ate up, chewed up, and spit out your boy. Two days after J. Cole has come for Noname to be [checks notes] intelligent and outspoken Black woman with her song “Snow on Tha Bluff,” Noname replied by releasing his first music of 2020, “Song 33,” Thursday, June 18. Produced by Madlib, in less than a minute and 10 seconds of “Song 33” not only of the ethers of Cole, but also full account, with the Black Lives Matter movement and the socio-politics of America is currently facing.

“I saw a demon on my shoulder, It is looking like the patriarchate,” raps Noname at the beginning of the Song, 33, effortlessly skewering J. Cole and his critics, without even a mention of his name, which, for the record, is Jermaine. Noname continues in reference to the recently deceased Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau, the 19-year-old HOUSING activist who was assassinated at the beginning of this week. “Why Toyin body is not embody all the life that she wanted?/ A baby of just 19 years/I know Dream all black/I saw her all immortalized in tweets/ All caps”. Noname back to J. Cole and people like him, calling them to stay “quiet as a church mouse” in the face of violence against Black women, not speaking of “when duty calls to get the verse out.” Noname is also called Jermaine for even writing a diss track about her when there are so many more important issues at hand, the reference to the assassination of George Floyd at the hands of police brutality. “It really has a battle to write about me when the world is in smoke?/ When are the people in the trees?/When George, begging for his mother saying that he could not breathe, you have thought to write about me?”


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