Lisa Rinna rejects the QVC “Karens” who tried to fire her and promises to “not close her”


Lisa Rinna from Real housewives in Beverly Hills is not one to stand still against injustice. One day after the Bravo star revealed that QVC was silencing her from talking about politics after upsetting viewers, she turned the tide. She now says that she will not let the “Karens” close her and that she will continue to raise awareness of social causes.

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What kind of drama is Lisa Rinna involved in?

Rinna has a lot of drama on RHOBH but the last controversy in which she is involved concerns one of her many secondary concerts. the Veronica Mars alum was one of the loudest Housewives showcases support movements like Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ community. Rinna used her social media platform to raise awareness of these causes and spread the word.

However, not all Rinna fans support the same causes and she has had a bit of trouble with the QVC audience. As many of you may know, Rinna is a scam and she is not ashamed in her acting. The actress has a fashion line that she sells on the home shopping network that has had a lot success over the years.

Rinna caught the eye of her Instagram followers that many disgruntled QVC watches were calling the network to fire her.

“I am sad to report [that] now it looks like i can’t use my platform to inform or question or say what i feel politically, “she wrote in an article deleted since. “The Karen bombed QVC begging them to fire me and saying they would not buy my clothes anymore. ”

Rinna felt that she should follow orders so as not to compromise her fashion line and her source of income which is used to support her family.

“It is too bad I have to be muzzled to provide for my family, but that is exactly what it is,” she said. “Remember, you know how I feel. Use your voice and vote. ”

In a second article, she added, “I will be on the right side of the story, and in the end, it matters most.”

Lisa Rinna changes course

One day after her comments went viral, Rinna changed her mind. Like Rinna, she fought the “Karens” who threatened her. She again updated her fans on Instagram saying that she would continue to stand up for what she believes in.

“I decided not to be silent. Never, ”Rinna posted on Instagram Stories.

The Bravo star also added stickers to his article, such as “Black Lives Matter”, “Vote” and “Speak Up”.

“And I will take all the consequences that will result from my fidelity to the truth,” she said in a second article. “And damn Karen. “

Rinna has been praised publicly for standing up for social causes and using her platform for good.

“I love your clothes and [I am] glad you’re on QVC “, a fan tweeted. “Don’t let the so-called ‘Karens’ keep you quiet. The [are] many people who will continue to support you on QVC. I am one of them. ”

“Lisa Rinna, I admire you and you continue to express your opinions”, another fan added. “I love your QVC range and if QVC has a problem with you, you can sell on ShopHQ. ”

QVC did not issue a statement on the incident.

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