Linda Lusardi says coronavirus could be “man-made” because fighting it “didn’t seem natural”


Linda Lusardi suggested that the coronavirus could be “man-made” because it didn’t look natural.

The 61-year-old former glamor model, who fought the deadly virus alongside her husband in March, spoke of the “unnatural” symptoms she experienced, such as blue vomit.

Linda was in critical condition and faced “dark moments” when she found herself fighting for her life after contracting a coronavirus very early.

The former three-year-old girl has since recovered completely, but said the virus was unlike anything she had known before.

Speaking to Joanna Chimonides and Stephen Leng on FUBAR radio, Linda revealed that she did not know if the virus could be “created by humans”.

Linda is about to think that the virus is “created by man” after her recovery from a coronavirus

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“This is nothing like you have never experienced before. I already had the flu. To me it doesn’t seem natural, “she told the presenters.

“I mean I am and if it is a human creation because it is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. ”

Linda added, “Throwing up blue doesn’t seem right to me. “

Linda was talking on FUBAR radio to Joanna Chimonides and Stephen Leng about her experience

When she appeared on the radio, she said she was confident that more details will be revealed about the virus in the coming years.

“I think in the next two years we will know a lot more about this. I don’t think it’s a natural thing. If it came from a bat in a Chinese market, that may be the reason, but it is a very strange disease. ”

Linda is now back home and trying to get over her traumatic experience.

Linda rebounded after fighting for her life in hospital against COVID-19

She also revealed that fighting and defeating the virus has allowed her to reassess her priorities and question the importance of the showbiz world.

She said, “It made my life a lot better and when I went out, I was just delighted to be alive. I felt so responsible for my children … The very thought that they might not have had us anymore was terrifying.

“I think it made me prioritize things a bit more and realize that showbiz really doesn’t mean anything. “

Linda was left in intensive care fighting for her life

Linda also issued a stern warning to those who flout lock-out rules and self-distancing measures across the country, adding that she feared there might be another spike.

“You have no idea what you’re dealing with. “, She continued.

“Quite simply because you haven’t lost a family member or seen someone near you, it’s kind of there. It’s like they don’t believe it. “

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