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Lil Baby reveals how much it charges for a feature


Lil Baby makes it clear that if you want a verse from him, you will have to pony a serious batter.

Apparently overnight (although in reality it happened through a healthy mix of skills, dedication and work ethic), Lil Baby became one of the biggest stars in hip hop, by a wide margin. Sitting constantly at the top of the rankings every time he decides to file new documents, his record speaks for itself. His recent album My turn continues to remain a commercial juggernaut on the Billboard 200, and his powerful reflection on “The Bigger Picture” already has fans mumbling song of the year restraint. Suffice it to say that Lil Baby’s popularity is staggering, which is certainly not lost on him.

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Today, the Atlanta rapper went to Twitter to reflect on his boss status, saying that anyone wishing to collaborate with him should make a respectable $ 100,000. “At this point, it’s safe to say that I want 100k for a feature,” he says, prompting some to suggest that he sells short. Obviously, Baby has been grappling with the whole question of “features” for a minute, because in May he decided he would take a break to record guest appearances – unless, of course, he do the judge “worth it”. . ”

In light of his recent Tweet, it seems that Lil Baby has officially found a price with which he feels comfortable. Whether he does it or not is another story, but it would not be surprising to see him become more selective over time. Of course, it is unclear whether or not he will provide discounted rates to his closest associates. Still, it makes sense that Lil Baby should fasten his belt for his next run – especially if he continues to increase at the rate he has increased so far.


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