Liam Gallagher accuses Liverpool in the Premier League ‘void’ frustration


After more than three months without football, the Premier League finally resumed, but not everyone is happy about it. For Liverpool, they resume their campaign away to local rivals, Everton, on Sunday, in the next episode of the Merseyside derby.

The Reds need a maximum of six more points to get their first championship title since 1990, but may be less if Manchester City drop points in the meantime.

Man City returned to action on Thursday night against Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium, and a profile of fans has not been happy for a bit.

Shortly after the beginning of the match, musician Liam Gallagher has tweeted his frustration over the league of the recovery.

The ex-Oasis singer was also suggested that it was because of Liverpool that the league season has taken over the first place.

“The cancellation of the season is absolutely ridiculous because the scousers not winning the league 300 years ago, has tweeted Gallagher.

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Gallagher with his brother Noel, often express their views on the Man of the City, and in the last few years Liverpool as well.

Several Liverpool fans have responded to Gallagher tweet, getting in some rather amusing quips.

“Stop crying your heart out”, a Twitter user wrote.

While another wrote: “This is the strongest of the Etihad was in 300yrs what you complain about?”


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