Lewis Hamilton has broken heart when her dog, Coco, died after a heart attack


Lewis Hamilton says that his “heart is broken” after the death of her rescue dog Coco after a heart attack Thursday.The bulldog six-year-old died in the arms of Hamilton while he was trying to revive it, surrounded by family members.

Hamilton went on social networks Friday to share a tribute to the emotional, saying they are happy that Coco had spent the last happy day before his death.

“Yesterday evening around 21 hours, my beautiful little daughter Coco died at home with family at his side,” wrote Hamilton.

“His little heart gave in, we think it was a heart attack. I tried to revive it but it didn’t help.

Lewis Hamilton had a special relationship with Coco

“It was a bitch so special, born with so many problems and I feel so lucky to have him adopted.

“His breeder said that she was going to have to shoot her because she could not afford everything she would need in order to survive, she has gone through a lot of things to become the dog high-spirited and lazy as she was.

“On his last day, we shared a special moment playing together that I will never forget.

Hamilton announced the sad news on Friday

“She fail me snoring and how she was always happy to see me. She was only 6 years old, in good health and happy.

“Of course, my heart is broken but I hope she is in a better place with my aunt Diane. I wanted to share with you and thank those of you who loved him, who took care of it. ”

Hamilton also has another dog, Roscoe. An account in Instagram named RoscoeLovesCoco regularly shares photos of the two and has over 176 000 subscribers.


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