Lewis Hamilton considers Bernie Ecclestone “ignorant and uneducated” for allegations of racism


Lewis Hamilton criticized chief Bernie Ecclestone for being “ignorant and uneducated” following comments from the former Formula 1 chief on racism. Ecclestone, who is no longer involved in F1, gave an extraordinary interview in which he downplayed concerns about racism in sport – and said “in many cases, blacks are more racist than whites”.

Hamilton previously criticized his sport for not fighting racism and refers to the problems he has faced since his beginnings in junior karting.

And the six-time F1 champion said Ecclestone’s comments were “sad and disappointing” and “showed how far we, as a society, have to go before real change can happen.”

Hamilton, the reigning champion since 2017, went to Instagram to respond to comments from 89-year-olds.

Lewis Hamilton said Bernie Ecclestone has shown “a lack of understanding” of “deep-rooted” racism

The 35-year-old journalist wrote, “So sad and disappointing to read these comments.

“Bernie is out of sport and of a different generation, but that’s exactly what’s wrong – ignorant and uneducated comments that show us how far as a society we have to go before a real equality could happen. ”

Hamilton added, “It makes perfect sense to me now that nothing has been said or done to make our sport more diverse or to address the racial abuse that I have received throughout my career.

“If someone who has been playing sport for decades has such a lack of understanding of the deep-rooted problems that we black people face every day, how can we expect all the people who work under him to understand ? It starts from the top. “

“Now is the time for a change. I will keep pushing to create an inclusive future for our sport with equal opportunities for all. To create a world that offers equal opportunities to minorities.

“I will continue to use my voice to represent those who do not have one, and to speak on behalf of those who are under-represented to give the opportunity to have a chance in our sport. ”

Ecclestone wondered if Hamilton’s vocal support for the Black Lives Matter movement would make a difference.

In an interview with CNN, Ecclestone, who stepped down as CEO in 2017, also said he was “surprised” to learn that Hamilton had been affected by racist issues in the sport.

Ecclestone said: “In many cases, black people are more racist than white people.

“(It’s just) things over the years that I’ve noticed, and it’s not necessary. I am against injustice for anyone, regardless of color. It is important to do something to start. ”

Hamilton had denounced the problems of racism in F1 following the death of George Floyd in police custody in the United States.

He specifically referred to an incident in Barcelona in 2008 when a group of fans dressed up in blackface and sang derogatory songs to him – something Ecclestone says he “never” discussed.

Ecclestone said people in F1 were “too busy winning races or finding sponsors” to worry about racism

Ecclestone said, “(We) never needed it. I’m really unhappy if he took it seriously because I didn’t think he was doing it.

From Hamilton’s campaign against racism, Ecclestone added: “I don’t think it will do any good or any good for Formula One. It just makes people think, which is more important.

“They are too busy winning races or finding sponsors – really other things have little or no interest.

“The number of people who are directly involved in sport is so small that there is little they can do – I am surprised if anyone in Formula One, certainly the teams and the promoters, has any concerns about this . ”

Ecclestone’s comments come in a week in which F1 leaders launched a new #WeRaceAsOne initiative, aimed at fostering diversity and inclusion in sport, to which current sport CEO Chase Carey, personally contributed $ 1 million.

F1 wasted no time in distancing itself from Ecclestone’s comments: “At a time when unity is needed to fight racism and inequality, we totally disagree with Bernie Ecclestone’s comments that n have no place in Formula 1 or in society.

“Mr. Ecclestone has not played a role in Formula 1 since he left our organization in 2017. His title as President Emeritus, honorary, expired in January 2020.”


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