“Let’s go, baby! “: Los Angeles Lakers staff delighted with NBA comeback and title chances


The Los Angeles Lakers were about to have one of their best seasons in franchise history until the game was suspended. The Lakers were the favorites to win the NBA Finals since they added Anthony Davis last season.

With the season expected to resume in Orlando, with 22 teams on July 31, the Lakers staff would be ecstatic to return to the NBA. Dave McMenamin says the team is in good shape for the return of the season. He reported that one of the Lakers’ coaches texted “Let’s roll, baby! “ asked about the resumption of the season.

Last Shot At Redemption for the Los Angeles Lakers?

In recent seasons, before signing LeBron James, the Lakers were one of the worst teams in the league. In addition to missing the playoffs consecutively in the past 6 seasons, the franchise also lacked stable staff. Losing Magic Johnson and Luke Walton has wreaked havoc on the franchise.

With the untimely death of Kobe Bryant, the Lakers have additional motivation to win the title. The Larry O’Brien Trophy would be a perfect tribute to the fallen legend.

LeBron final stop

With a ring this year, the Lakers would match their longtime rivals, the Boston Celtics at 16. LeBron James would also be a step closer to Michael Jordan’s Legacy of 6 rings and will also have a winning mindset for the next season. If LBJ manages to equal the 6 championships of Michael Jordan, his 4-year contract with the Lakers could be the last of his career.

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The best of the West

To date, the Los Angeles Lakers have the best conference record in the West and the second best record in the 49-14 league. The other two favorites, the Bucks and the Clippers, also have similar records this season. Just before the season’s suspension, the Lakers beat these two teams for several consecutive weeks. This could be a preview of the western conference finals and NBA finals this year.


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