Latest news from Man Utd from the press conference, Solskjaer

Morning Ole. Glad to see you. I wondered, last night, we saw players getting on their knees and the referees before the matches, Project Restart. You are simply asking what you think of the movement Black Lives Matter and if your players, you expect they will do the same tomorrow?
“Well, I think that this has been an event in history that changed the views of the people and of course the movement now, I think we all know that this should not occur at 2020, what is going on and that the players, the teams in the Premier League that we all take a stand and say enough is enough, I think it is good. I expect nothing different from our own. “

There were two problems concerning the players, in terms of availability for this season prolonged. One of them that you’ve sorted with Odion Ighalo, how it happened? And secondly, Angel Gomes, to our knowledge, his contract expires at the end of the month. Will there be available for you in these next few games? You expect that he will sign the contract extension?
“We’re delighted that Odion still with us. We had a good conversation with his club and Odion had a big impact when it came, so it is very nice. It gives us another option up front, it is a striker and what he does in and around the locker room is also awesome. I hope he will continue and finish what he started. With Angel, it’s a top, top kid that we have at the club for many years. We offered him a deal, I hope he will accept it. Otherwise, I wish him good luck. With a little luck, from what I understand, this is not too far away, but if not, we wish him good luck. “


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