Latest Coronavirus: New Infections In The United States Double For Two Weeks


In the United States, new infections are double the number recorded two weeks ago
The United States reported more than 42,000 new cases, nearly 15,000 more than Sunday last week and double the number reported on Sunday in the previous month.
According to the Covid Tracking Project, the five highest totals of new infections have been reported in the past five days, despite the fact that the numbers reported on Sunday tend to be lower than those in the week due to a delay in data collection. .
The 42,161 new cases reported on Sunday bring the American total to more than 2,540,983. To date, 119,429 deaths have been reported to Covid-19 in the country. Experts say they expect a delay of a few weeks between an increase in positive tests and an increase in the death rate.
In the South, the percentage of tests returning positive roughly doubled last month, the Covid Tracking Project said on Twitter.

The southern states were among the first to reopen following blockades imposed to prevent the spread of the disease.
In the South and West, the number of new cases reported per day has doubled since June 15, according to the Covid Tracking Project.
More than 10 million cases have now been reported worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University, a quarter of which is in the United States.


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