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US reports record jump in new coronavirus cases
Peter Wells in New York

The United States has recorded nearly 42,000 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, the second consecutive day of a nationwide record increase, according to the latest indications, the epidemic is spreading rapidly in the south and the west.
41,939 additional people tested positive during the last day, according to data compiled Thursday by Covid Tracking Project, against nearly 38,700 a day earlier.
The record leap was revealed just hours after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that the number of infections nationwide could be 10 times higher than official data suggests due to the number of people showing no symptoms of the disease.
Texas reported an additional 5,996 cases, a record, and more than 5,551 on Wednesday. The state now has 4,739 patients hospitalized for the virus, its highest number at any time during the pandemic and posing a potential threat to its public health system.
Governor Greg Abbott announced today that he will suspend the state’s plan to further loosen lock restrictions and has also banned elective surgery in hospitals in Texas’s largest cities to ensure availability of beds.
California (5,349) and Florida (5,002) saw the next largest increases in new cases and were both down from Wednesday’s record jumps.
Wisconsin has reported 3,342 new cases, a record and far from the average of about 330 in the past seven days. Covid’s follow-up project said the state had reported 2,800 “probable days before”.
Other states with more than 1,000 cases are Arizona (3,056), Georgia (1,714), Alabama (a record 1,142), Mississippi (1,092), North Carolina (1,009) and South Carolina (1,125).
Nevada (497) and Montana (37) complete the group of five states that reported record day-long jumps, based on an FT analysis of the Covid Tracking Project data. The governor of Nevada on Wednesday ordered residents to wear face covers.


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