Later put efforts on sale


Reports earlier today made clear that Alex Rodriguez and Jenifer Lopez were successful in lining up a few wealthy investors to join them in the pursuit of the Mets.First, it looks like there was another deep pocket taking part in the One-Rod-J. Lo group. By Charles Gasparino of FOX Business (Twitter link), Florida Panthers owner Vincent Viola had joined the fray as well as previously rumored Mike Repole.

It turns out that this is indeed the case, but that public Viola of the emergence does not really add to the pan. Like Tim Healey and Jim Baumbach of Newsday report, the Viola is actually Repole. The pair are said to be ready to invest from the $ 250 MM level.

It looks like there could be other contributors, as you might expect, given the projected New York baseball cost of the franchise. While the selling price will obviously be the slump due to uncertainty coronavirus, it is still an active selection rectangle in the sports world.

The current Wilpon property group is interested in packaging until an agreement by the end of 2020, the Newsday report said. And it looks like the current asset package should not include the SNY network revenue generator, which will obviously focus on the level of outside interest and prices that can be obtained.

This scenario is interesting because it is clear that this is a short-term proposition. Those who followed the recent sale of the Marlins will remember that there was still a lot of uncertainty at this point on the calendar. An agreement was sealed in August in time for the new group of owners to prepare a set for the first off season.


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