Lampard congratulates Liverpool and seeks to build on a big win over Manchester City


Chelsea’s performance on Thursday night against Manchester City greatly enhanced the Blues’s top four ambitions. He created a five-point gap from Manchester United at the spot below while narrowing the gap in third place in Leicester City to just one point.

Among other notable elements – *check notes and ladles at scribbles* – Chelsea’s victory over Manchester City crowned the Liverpool champions for the first time in 30 years and, curiously, the first time in the Premier League era.

Much of the story and television coverage (certainly in the UK) surrounding tonight’s game revolved around Liverpool, much to Lampard’s dismay in the post-match questions. That said, Lampard was determined and respectful, praising Liverpool for its deserved Premier League title.

“We congratulate Liverpool. This game did not decide the title, which was decided a long time ago by consistency, performance and victories from Liverpool. Be fair, give them all the credit. They have great players and a great manager. I know the hard work of trying to win a title, the competition they have, we saw with the quality of Manchester City tonight. Congratulations to them, they deserve it. ”

Beyond the historic Liverpool title, the match had serious implications for Chelsea’s ambitions to finish in the top four and qualify for the Champions League next season.

Comparing his Chelsea team to the elite level that Manchester City and Liverpool have shown in the past two seasons as title winners and title contenders, Lampard stressed the need for consistency. If Chelsea are to fight for the title in the near future, establishing a consistent chain of positive performance will be paramount.

“It’s a big three for us, but we’re in a battle here. It will not be decided tonight. It’s a nice result that gives us confidence. Now, the consistency that we produce until the end of the season is what will define us this year and give us the finish we want. There’s no point in performing like this if we can’t get momentum and keep it going. It only comes with focus and hard work. “

“I think we just have to look at ourselves and work. A result against City and a good performance tonight is a great feeling for us tonight, but the reason we are not collecting enough points is because of the consistency of these two. ”

“There is a clear gap and it will not happen overnight with one or two signatures. There is a lot of work to be done. Liverpool and City have been in the works for a few years now and they have been very successful, somewhat successful now. “


Work, work, job.

We’ve heard from award-winning managers about this point. Antonio Conte has said this repeatedly from the first to the last day at Chelsea. It is a concept that will also have to be integrated into our current (young) team if we are to continue our ascent to legitimate title contenders.

“We had to work a lot on the sidelines, as you do with the Pep Guardiola and Manchester City teams. The way the guys showed work ethic and focus throughout the game. How dangerous we were. We had the best chance in the game. It’s a great result that will give us confidence, but the consistency that we produce until the end of the season is what will define us this year if we want to get the finish we want. “

“I don’t get carried away. We can get better. We can be better on the ball. We can have more possession. It’s one of the only games in which we didn’t have the lion’s share, but we have to accept it tonight and be happy with the result. “

Christian Pulisic was again the recipient of Lampard’s applause after the match. The young American made an excellent performance on his first start since the New Year. With two goals in two matches in mid-June, Pulisic is preparing for a very hot summer for Project Restart.

“Christian arrived last summer, and he didn’t really have a break. When he joined the team, he did very well, and then injured himself very badly. I wanted to protect him a bit against Villa and see if it could have an impact. He did it. ”

“I have always planned to have him play against City because I know what he can do in these kinds of games. He brought it and did very well. He’s a young player, he has so much talent and he has to keep working. He can get better and better. “

-Frank Lampard

Chelsea will be absent from Leicester City in the FA Cup quarter-finals next Sunday. Will #HotPulisicSummer continue?


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