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LaGuardia Airport Terminal B: American, United move


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The terminal B of the airport of LaGuardia is open for business.

American Airlines and United Airlines have both started to use the new terminal for arrivals and departures Hall this weekend.

The project is part of a plan of $ 8 billion to renovate the very busy airport of New York, which hosts approximately 30 million passengers each year. It serves as the hub for american and Delta Air Lines.

“A world-class city like New York deserves an airport of world-class, and we are proud to be the first airline to be inherited to live the new LaGuardia, including in the arrivals Hall and departures and the gates of the terminal B – is a striking installation,” said David Kinzelman, vice-president of the stations of line with national and international United, in a press release.

American Airlines and United Airlines now operate from the new terminal B Arrivals and Departures Hall. (Photo: American Airlines)

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American said that the new terminal is bright and airy, features a smorgasbord of expanded shops and restaurants, among other features. The project is expected to be completed in 2022.

After logging in using the new Hall for arrivals and departures, passengers, americans can use a gateway as the temporary access doors B, C and D.

“The opening of the first new arrivals hall and departure is an important step in the realization of the vision of the governor (Andrew) Cuomo for a new airport LaGuardia of the 21st century to the world-class region deserves,” said Rick Cotton, executive director of the port Authority of New York and New Jersey, in a press release.

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The opening comes at a time when the air transport is significantly reduced due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus. American, for example, says he plans to fly only 55% of its regular schedule in July.

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