Lady Antebellum changes name and apologizes for band injury


Lady Antebellum changes her name to Lady A.The group made the announcement in an open letter to fans shared on social media on Thursday.

“As a group, we strived to make our music a refuge … inclusive for all,” began the country music group. “We have watched and listened more than ever in recent weeks and our hearts have been moved with conviction, our eyes wide open to the injustices, inequalities and prejudices that black women and men have always faced and continue to suffer all the days. Now blind spots that we never even knew existed have been revealed. ”

The five Grammy winners then revealed that “after much personal reflection, group discussions, prayers and many honest conversations with some of our closest black friends and colleagues”, they “decided to delete the word »Antebellum« by their name and »move«. pass on as Lady A. “According to the post,” Lady A “is a” nickname “that fans have called the group – which consists of Hillary scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood– «almost from the beginning. “

Looking back when they formed the group 14 years ago, the artists said that they originally named the group after the “southern style” Antebellum “house” where they took their first photos.”As musicians, it reminded us of all the music born in the south that influenced us … southern rock, blues, R&B, gospel and of course country,” they continued. “But we are sorry and embarrassed to say that we have not taken into account the associations which weigh down this word referring to the period of history before the civil war, which includes slavery. ”

The stars then noted that they “are deeply sorry for the harm it caused and for anyone who felt in danger, invisible or unassessed.”

“Causing pain has never been the intention of our heart, but that does not change the fact that in fact it is exactly that,” the statement said. “So today we are speaking up and making changes. We hope you will dig and join us. “

At one point, Lady A recognized that some subscribers may ask why the group has not made the change so far.

“The answer is that we cannot excuse our delay in this achievement”, concluded the artists of “Need You Now”. “What we can do is recognize it, turn away from it and act. ”

Near the end of the letter, country music celebrities wrote that they felt “awake.” However, they recognized that it was “just a step.”

“There is still a lot to do,” they added. “We want to do better. We are committed to examining our individual and collective impact and making the changes necessary to practice anti-racism. We will continue to educate ourselves, to have difficult conversations and to search the parts of our hearts that need to be pruned – to become better humans, better neighbors. ”

They then announced that they were donating to the Equal Justice initiative through LadyAID.

“Our prayer is that if we set an example … with humility, empathy of love and action … we can be better allies for those who suffer from spoken and unspoken injustices, while influencing our children and generations to come” , they concluded before signing with love. .

See their full letter above.


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