Lacazette lashed out for pre-match warm-up before Arsenal’s victory over Southampton after striker untied laces – The Sun


ARSENAL forward Alexandre Lacazette was criticized for his attitude during a pre-match warm-up.

Lacazette’s shoelaces were broken by swapping passes with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang before Arsenal’s 2-0 victory at Southampton.


Alexandre Lacazette criticized for his attitude during a pre-match warm-up

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Former Liverpool and Atletico Madrid striker Florent Sinama-Pongolle, a French television expert, said: “Lacazette is a substitute and doesn’t have his laces tied – it’s the little things you must keep yourself and be careful.

“Unfortunately, these little things talk about the attitude and the team spirit at the moment.

“Arteta is not their father and he cannot be a cop behind them all the time – they are professional players who have an image to give and these are things that you need to fix very, very quickly. ”

Fearing for the future of Arsenal, he added: “Arsenal have very good young players who I think can become great players for Arsenal, but without the commitment, harmony and soul that should be in this team, it will be difficult for future generations. “

Lacazette is a substitute and doesn’t have its laces tied – these are the little things you need to guard against and be careful of

Florent Sinama-Pongolle on Lacazette

Lacazette, with Captain Aubameyang, has been linked to a move away from the Emirates.

The Frenchman, a transfer goal for Atletico, has been compared to Southampton with Eddie Nketiah starting and continuing to score.

And Lacazette’s future faces additional uncertainty after manager Mikel Arteta praised the 21-year-old.

Arteta said: “Eddie, since I joined, the maturity and the personality he plays [with in] every game is amazing.

“I demand a lot from the players before putting pressure on the opponent and they did. Many of the goals we score are due to the mistakes we impose on the opponent. “

“In this heat to keep chasing the players and putting them under pressure, it is sometimes not a good thing to do, but when you get a goal and the mistakes they made that could have led to a few more goals is really important.

“It generates belief in what they do and pays a little price for the effort it does.

“I’m happy with Eddie, the way he still played today, but I’m happy with the team and I’m really happy with the submarines, how they came and how much they have helped the team and the attitude they showed today. ”

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