Kristen Stewart set to play Princess Diana in new film – but fans don’t approve


From dusk Kristen Stewart would be set to play the role of Princess Diana in a new film about the British Royal Family – and she was criticized by fans. Spencer goes to see the American actress, who played Bella Swan in the fantasy film of the series, portraying Diana in the early 1990s, when she decided not to marry Prince Charles, according to the date Maturity.

However, it aroused indignation among fans as they insisted that the pair look nothing like this, and Twitter saw the anger of people complaining about the new film.

And it looks like production for the new film is slated for early next year, reports from the outlet.

Kristen is set to play the role of Diana

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Taking Twitter, a fan wrote, “They don’t look the same. Weird casting of choice. Why didn’t they choose a British actress? ”

“I don’t know – its optimistic, the sparkling personality may be a little too much for the role.” ”

While another wrote, “I’m so sorry about Princess Diana. The tragedy. ”

“Stewart is an interesting actor but I don’t think she can get away from this one off … there is such a thing as beach and good casting. ”

Meanwhile, others have agreed that Stewart is the perfect match for the role.

One said: “Glad the cast of the agent made a bold choice, I am tired of the same in women of all interesting parties. ”

Like another, quips: “Yesss. She will do great. Very underrated actress, “next to an emoji heart.

The script for Spencer is written in English screenwriter Steven Knight, who is best known for the creation of the BBC drama Peaky des Blinders.

She will play Princess Diana in the new film on the Royal Family

He follows the tragedy of the Princess of Wales’ history by realizing that she “needs to deviate from the path that one day putting her online will be the queen.” ”

The story will take place over three days during one of Diane’s final Christmas vacations at the Windsor House in their Sandringham real estate in Norfolk, England.

Pablo Larraín, who will produce the film, said at the Maturity: “We have all grown up, at least I did it in my generation, reading and understanding what a fairy tale is.

Kristen played by Bella Swan in Twilight (left)

Fans are furious about the new casting

“Usually, the prince arrives and finds her the princess, offers to become his wife and then she becomes queen.

“It’s the fairy tale. When someone decides not to be queen, and says, “I’d rather go and be myself,” it’s a big big decision, a fairy tale upside down.

“I have always been very surprised by this and think it must have been very difficult to do. This is the heart of the film. ”

A representative for Kristen has been contacted by an Online Mirror for comment.

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