Kobe Bryant’s Death Cost Family “Hundreds of millions” of dollars


According to court documents obtained by E! New, Vanessa Bryant say that Kobe BryantThe death cost their families “hundreds of millions of dollars”.As previously indicated by E! News, Vanessa filed wrongful death complaint against Island Express Helicopters in February – less than a month after Kobe and daughter Gianna Bryantwere killed in the helicopter crash. Vanessa’s lawyer filed a 72-page wrongful death complaint before the Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming Island Express, agents and employees, including Macaw george zobayan, the pilot of the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter who also died in the accident, had “an obligation to exercise that degree of caution that a normally prudent and prudent pilot would use under the same or similar circumstances”.

Now, court documents show that following the death of Kobe and Gianna, Vanessa “is claiming economic damages, non-economic damages, damages, punitive damages and other remedies that the Court considers it just and appropriate ”.

The court documents also stated, “Although the specific total amount of personal injury the plaintiff is claiming is to be determined, Kobe Bryant ‘s future loss of revenue is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. ”

Island Express declined to comment when contacted by E! New.

In the wrongful death trial which was filed earlier this year, the pilot was charged with failing to properly monitor and assess the weather before take-off, failing to obtain the appropriate weather data before the flight in question, failing to abort the flight when he was aware of the cloud conditions, failing to properly maintain control of the helicopter in flight, failing to correctly avoid natural obstacles on the flight path, failing to maintain a safe distance between the helicopter and natural obstacles and, ultimately, not using the helicopter correctly and safely, which resulted in the fatal accident.At the time, a spokesperson for Island Express Helicopters told E! News in a statement, “It was a tragic accident. We will have no comments on the current litigation. ”

The late Los Angeles Lakers player, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and the pilot were three of the nine victims who died in the January 26 accident in California. Other victims included John, Keri and Alyssa Altobelli, Sarah and Payton Chester and Christina Mauser.

In May, after Vanessa filed a wrongful death complaint, a representative of the helicopter pilot issued a response.

Zobayan riverbank, a personal representative of the deceased pilot, filed a response with the Los Angeles County Superior Court of the State of California on May 8. According to court documents obtained by E! News, the representative said that “the respondent accused has no responsibility”.

Furthermore, the documents indicated that any injury or damage to the complainants and / or their deceased was “directly or wholly caused by the negligence or fault of the complainants and / or their deceased, including their conscious and voluntary meeting with the risks involved, and that this negligence was a substantial factor in causing their alleged damages, for which this respondent defendant has no responsibility. ”


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