Kill Eve star show surprise connection to EastEnders revealed


Kill Eve star Jodie Comer appeared in tonight’s episode Talking Heads (29 June), a new series from the BBC that a total of 10 recoveries of the show’s most memorable episodes.

And while most viewers have taken to social media to gush about his performance, some have expressed their surprise about its connection to EastEnders instead of this.

While the production on the long-running soap, has been suspended due to the ongoing sars coronavirus pandemic, Comer, and other stars such as Martin Freeman, Lesley Manville, Tamsin Greig, Kristin Scott Thomas and Maxine Peake, is down to Elstree Studios to deliver Alan Bennett’s dramatic monologues.

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This evening, Comer, was in charge of His Big Chance a piece originally brought to life by Mamma Mia‘s Julie Walters, in 1988. It is articulated around aspiring actress Lesley, as she details the compromising positions she had found herself in while trying to find his luck.

Fans of hers took to Twitter while it was airing, to the praise of his “incredible” version. Others could not take their eyes away from the backdrop, the spirit.

“Since I discovered #TalkingHeads was filmed in the vacant space EastEnders overall, I can’t unsee it, “a person admitted, as another has said:” Because the new Talking Heads are filmed using the EastEnders games, I like the idea that they are the quiet residents of Albert Square that we do not see. “


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Unfortunately, nobody managed to guess the character of the house of the one that comes from the episode was shot, but in the follow-up of the episode, which featured Game of Thrones‘Lucian Msamati, the eagle-eyed viewers spotted the park.

Talk about shooting in the mythical places, Freeman said, previously, the Radio Times: “The filming itself was okay; everyone was doing their best to maintain the setting aside of the rules, as you wish.

“I was at the Dot Cotton of the room, so that’s one thing ticked off the bucket list!”

Talking Heads continues tomorrow (June 30), at 9 o’clock in the evening on BBC One. All the episodes are available to stream on BBC iPlayer now.

Kill Eve aired on BBC America in the united states, and BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the united KINGDOM.

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