Kenney said that in Alberta to hold a referendum on the equalization in 2021, while the Fair Deal Panel proposes 25 recommendations


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The ministry of Finance will examine the costs, benefits and structure of a potential pension plan of Alberta, he said, and if it finds a net benefit, the question would be submitted to a referendum.

The authors of the report argue that the young population of Alberta is contributing more to the CPP than its older population is used.

“The workers of the Alberta accounted for 16.5% of the total contributions to the CPP, while the retirees of the Alberta consumed 10.6% of the expenditures of the CPP. This resulted in a net contribution of 2.9 billion dollars of Albertans in 2017, ” the report says.

“Over the last decade (2008-2017), the net contributions of Albertans amounted to $ 27.9 billion. Given that CPP contributions are expected to increase over the next five years, the grant of Albertans in the PRC will likely continue to grow. ”

If Alberta was to create its own pension plan, according to the report, the contribution rate could be reduced from the current rate of 9.9% to 5.85%, which would save about $ 3 billion per year that would normally be paid to the plan. MPC.

Kenney has called this argument “persuasive”, but said that negotiations of multi-year would be needed to ensure that the pension now to be guaranteed.

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