Kelowna (British Columbia), nursing student in a civil lawsuit against the RCMP, says that the controls of well-being must change


A nursing student from Kelowna, British Columbia, seen in a surveillance video of an apartment trailed by an RCMP officer in a hallway before being intervened during a check of well-being, said that the police should be accompanied by a health care professional.”I said to myself: ‘what will happen after that? Where am I supposed to go when the people who are supposed to protect you are those who despitefully use you?’ “Said Mona Wang, 20 years old, in an interview with CBC about it. experience.

January 20, Wang, who is said to have a history of anxiety, had a panic attack. She had been in contact with her boyfriend in Vancouver, but when she stopped responding to his SMS, he was worried and called the paramedics to check it out.

“I made myself a little trouble and I drank two glasses of wine and ingested drugs. I wasn’t really in the best condition because of the alcohol and [the medication], ” she said.

The officer of the RCMP, Cpl. Lacy Browning arrived alone at the condo of Wang to Kelowna to do the health check.

In his notice of claim, Wang alleged that Browning has used excessive force during the control, at a given moment, it struck Wang and has left bruises on the face, while shouting ” stop being so dramatic “. The surveillance video shows the latest Browning dragging his Wang in the hallway, and later, walking on his head.

“There were so many people in the building who passed, of the people I see on a daily basis. It was so humiliating and so degrading, ” said Wang.

“I never threatened no. I had my hands cuffed behind the back, lying face down on the floor. ”

The RCMP has denied these allegations and stated that Browning had used reasonable force given the circumstances. In his statement of defence, Browning alleged that Wang had a cut-box in hand.

After removing the knife, Browning asserts that the student did not react at first, but then became combative and started screaming that she wanted to be killed.

“The defendant Browning has then struck the plaintiff several times with an open palm, which has sufficiently mastered the plaintiff for the defendant Browning succeeds in handcuffing the plaintiff,” says the legal response.

Wang denies that she was holding a cut-a-box, stating that it was on the other side of the room.

The case is still before the courts.

Watch Mona Wang talk to Link Yeung CBC about his experience:

Mona Wang spoke to Link Yeung CBC of his experience with the police during a check of well-being in January. 3:21

Growing number of calls for mental health to the police

The police says that the number of calls for mental health to which the officers have had to answer has increased exponentially in recent years.

Brenda Lucki, the commissioner of the RCMP stated that the RCMP has an important role to play in these situations.

“When someone is holding a knife and suffers a mental health crisis, this is not the time to bring mental health practitioners “, she said at the meeting of the committee of public safety and national security of the House of commons on Tuesday.

“It is time for the RCMP to come in, to calm the person, take her to a safe place and provide her with the help she needs.”

In Surrey, RCMP says they have responded to 7,000 calls in mental health in 2019. The detachment attempted to better respond to these calls by creating the program Because 67. In this paper, a mental health nurse is paired with an agent to attend to some calls.

Cpl. Scotty Schumann, an agent of the program, said it is disheartening to see people struggling with mental health problems and do not get the help they need. He also noted the expertise of the nurse in specific situations.

“There are definitely times where, without the nurse, we may have apprehended someone who does not recognize the signs of a mental health problem,” said Schumann.

Wang said that pair a police officer with a mental health professional could help. (Ben Nelms / CBC)

Wang said that this type of twinning could be a good way to prevent what happened to him.

“I do not believe that the police should go alone to a control of well-being,” she said. ” [And] I think it is very important for a mental health nurse or a social worker or any other type of allied health care to accompany the police… because they have the necessary skills. ”

Referring to his own training, Wang explains that the nurses learn specifically to use de-escalation techniques without the use of force.

“We have all the time of patients combative and aggressive “, she said. “It is to tell them that your feelings are valid and talk about it. “

Review renewed controls of well-being

Wang is not the only one to claim significant changes to the controls of well-being. His case and others have put increased scrutiny on the role of the police in handling mental health crisis.

Since the beginning of the month of April of this year, at least four people have died in Canada during a check of well-being a police officer.

  • Of Andre Campbell, a black man of 26 years suffering from schizophrenia, was shot and killed on 6 April in Brampton, Ontario, having called himself the Peel regional police for help.
  • Regis Korchinski-Package, 29 years old, an indigenous woman black, died after falling from a balcony of high-rise in Toronto after his family called the police for assistance on 27 may.
  • In New Brunswick, Chantel Moore, a native woman of 26 years old, was shot dead by a bullet by an officer on June 4, during a check of well-being.
  • And June 20, Ejaz Ahmed Choudry, an immigrant from pakistan 62 years old suffering from schizophrenia, was shot and killed by police in Mississauga, Ontario, during a check of well-being.

Meenakshi Mannoe, of the Pivot Legal Society, said that the company needs to look at how the whole mental health system is failing the people until the time when the police went to his home for a check of well-being, including time. (Martin Diotte / CBC)

Meenakshi Mannoe, of the Pivot Legal Society in Vancouver, said she was not surprised by these stories, citing the deaths in the Lower Mainland such as Tony’s, a man of 51 years old who was shot and killed by police in 2014, after having brandished a four to an intersection of Vancouver and Kyaw Naing Din, who was killed in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, to the house in 2019. The two men were suffering from mental illnesses.

Mannoe said that the use of police to deal with mental health crisis shows that too many people are victims of the mental health system.

“For people who contact the RCMP for a control of well-being, or any other type of control or any kind of police authority, this represents the failure of community services. These are the people who don’t know who to call “, she said.

She stated that there needed to be more support – and funding – to support workers, peer counsellors and health professionals.

“It is so important that we respond to people with empathy and also in ways that are culturally safe and informed of the injury rather than the use of force or to use potentially deadly force.”


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