Kelly Clarkson is pressing down on Blake Shelton By means of Divorce


  • Kelly Clarkson has been supported on Blake Shelton in his divorce with Brandon Blackstock.
  • Uh, also, Brandon is Blake’s manager.

    Kelly Clarkson has recently filed for divorce from her husband of seven years, Brandon Blackstock, and apparently, she is leaning on the other The voice coach Blake Shelton to get through this difficult time. “Blake has been the support, and the friend that she needs, as always,” said the source Us Weekly. “Blake and Kelly often joke that they are brothers and sisters.”

    A little awkwardly, Brandon is Blake’s manager—who puts a little of himself in an uncomfortable position. Not as awkward a position of Kelly in although, considering Brandon is also his the manager. Even more complicated? Kelly is leaning on his former touring partner Reba McEntire, who happens to be Brandon from the mother-in-law. “[Kelly] broke the news to Reba,” a source said. “Reba the support of both Brandon and Kelly’s decision to split. She is anxious about it, but she is not a judge.”

    Apparently, the work is what ultimately came between Kelly and Brandon, and time in quarantine together magnified the problems in their relationship. That said, their divorce appears to be amicable so far, and a source has said AND they “have not cut each other” and plan to ” put children first “.

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