Keedron Bryant: Warner Records signs black protest singer, 12


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Keedron sincere song has been praised by Barack Obama and Lebron James

12-year-old black boy whose song about the fear of being a young african-American went viral has been signed by a US major label.

Keedron Bryant song, I Just Want to Live, put online the day after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is released on Friday.

Warner Records timed the release to coincide with Juneteenth, which marks the end of centuries of US slavery.

The song has already accumulated millions of ” likes “.

The new song has been written by Keedron of the mother and is sung a cappella by him.

It includes the words: “I am a young black man, doing all I can to keep standing.

“Oh, but when I look around me, and I see what it does to my kind.

“Every day, I am the prey. My people don’t want to get into trouble. “

The young gospel singer’s original Instagram post has attracted more than 3m likes, and has drawn praise from former President Barack Obama, basketball legend LeBron James, singer Janet Jackson and actress Lupita Nyong o.

“It is very exciting because this is what God has called me to do,” Keedron, Jacksonville, Florida, told the Associated Press earlier this week.

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“It has been a wonderful experience to work with my mother. ”

His mother, Johnnetta Bryant, said that watching the video of George Floyd, a black man unarmed, dying as a police officer knelt on his neck last month ” has really touched my heart so deeply, because I am a mom of a son black.

“I have a black husband. I have the black brothers, uncles, cousins, friends. ”

Warner plans to donate the profits to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.


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