Katie Price ex Kieran Hayler says they “made room, he was a sex addict” after he cheated


Katie Price, ex-husband Kieran Hayler, said that he and the former glamor model made him a sex addict.In 2014, Kieran, 33, cheated on the busty star, 42, with his friend Jane Poutney and said that his addiction was so much to blame.

He also came to clean up on having sex with nanny Nikki Brunes in 2017 – who was hired by Kieran and Katie to help take care of their two children Jett and the Rabbit in 2017 – who also claimed to have been up to her need for sex.

Now, after years of saying that her philandering was a consequence of addiction, Kieran – who is hired for Michelle Pentecost – has said, “definitely” does not have a sex addiction and that it was fabricated only he had this affection.

Katie Price, ex-husband Kieran Hayler claimed that he and the former glamor model made him a sex addict

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The ex-stripper told the Daily Star, “He did it all.”

Reiterating the point, he added, “I certainly don’t have a sex addiction. He did everything.

“I have no sex addiction. It’s not true… I don’t. ”

Mirror Online approached a Katie representative for comment.

Six years ago, Jane and Kieran the case came to light, and it came to light that the pair had been bonking for at least seven months and engaged in unprotected sex every corner of Katie’s the House.

Kieran said before his sex addiction was to blame for his cheating at their wedding

They were not caught off guard when Katie – at this point, five months pregnant with Kieran the daughter of Rabbit at the time – kissed and hugged on a tanning bed while they were all on vacation at Green cap.

“I started walking towards the beach and in the distance I could see these two figures on the lounge chairs. My heart was racing because I knew it was them, “she said previously.

“So there they were, kissing. I f *** ing got her by the head, pulled her out of the lounge chair and started beating saying “I f *** ing knew he was f *** ing you whore. Slut!’ ”

Katie decided to forgive him for a stripping husband time, citing the cause of his indiscretions as “sex addiction” and instead of placing the blame firmly at Jane’s feet.

Kieran later revealed that he and Jane had hidden their adventure, despite openly having sex in the gardens of the house he shared with Prix.

Now, after years of saying that his philandering was a consequence of addiction, Kieran said, “certainly” does not have a sex addiction

“The routine is generally the same,” the ex-stripper admitted.

“I would like to get in the passenger seat of Jane’s car, she would be jumping over me, and we would like to have sex. I didn’t have to wear a condom because it added for risk and my heart was still racing. ”

They even have sex while Katie was in hospital having trouble giving birth to Jett sons, now six.

“They had their first sex in the upstairs bathroom in the villa. Later, they quickly had sex in my bed while I was lying alone in the hospital, “Katie when called back.

Katie and Kieran split in 2018 and divorced in 2020 – they have two children Jett and the Rabbit

“I felt so scared. All I wanted was for Kieran to visit me, but he kept saying his shoulder was hurt, and he needed to rest.

“I couldn’t reach Kieran on her phone and kept Jane texting while asking her to tell Kieran to come and visit, but she wasn’t passing messages. ”

She added, “Instead, she would tell him things like,” You are just one of the many. Katie will get rid of welcoming you soon. ‘ ”

Katie later forgave Kieran and even renewed her marriage vows with him – but he wished a “painful death” on his ex-bestie.

The pair ended their union in 2018 and in February of this year, the former couple was issued a divorce.

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