Kate Lawler’s Big Brother can’t remember her time on ‘irresponsible’ show that devious bosses roommates with alcohol’


BIG Brother star Kate Lawler has revealed how she can’t remember her time on the show as bosses “in folds of candidates with alcohol.

The Virgin to Radio host, 40, was the first woman to win the show, when she appeared on the third season back in 2002.


Kate Lawler has revealed that she finds it hard to remember being on her Big Brother because of all the alcoholCredit: Louis De Bois – The Sun

Kate, the series was famous for her well-watered antics, which saw her spectacular fall over, as she tried to put her pants all in drinks.

The OG reality show is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary with new E4 series Big Brother: The Best Of The Watch Ever.

But Kate revealed how she can barely remember her time in the famous complex as the roommates gave unlimited access to alcohol.

Speaking to the Guardian, Kate said, “It’s hard to remember what the house was actually like—first because it was 18 years ago, but also because we drank alcohol to the point while we were there.”

Reality-star-se-radio-host revealed bosses crossing with alcohol’ seen here on the show in 2002Credit: Channel 4
Kate said they had unlimited access to alcohol seen here on the show in 2002


Kate said they had unlimited access to alcohol seen here on the show in 2002Credit: Channel 4

Kate also claimed many candidates wanted to resume “a normal life” after appearing on the spectacle of reality, so she found it difficult when people should the opposite of them.

She explained: “What was frustrating about life after the Big Brother was that everyone wanted to define how you were based on how many appeared to you on TELEVISION afterwards.”

Kate appeared on the same Big Brother of the series at the end of Jade Goody, the latter comes in third.

Kate won the series in 20024
Kate won the series in 2002Credit: Times Newspapers Ltd

Since the release of Kate’s famous house has gone on making a name for herself in the broadcast.

She has hosted several TELEVISION shows, but radio has become her passion.

You can catch Kate on days of the week on Virgin Radio.

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