Kate Garraway shows brave face as Derek Draper comes out of induced coma


Kate Garraway was seen bravely smiling when she went out with her 10-year-old son Billy on Tuesday evening.The 53-year-old presenter from Good Morning Britain has been under considerable pressure since her husband Derek Draper was taken to hospital on March 30 while struggling to breathe.

Since then, Derek has been in intensive care as he battles the effects of Covid-19 on his body.

It was the first time Kate had been seen since giving an emotional interview to GMB on Friday.

Dressed in a gorgeous green floral blazer and skinny jeans, the former star of I’m A Celebrity looked like he was trying to keep his spirits up during a rough patch.

Kate Garraway is radiant while she keeps her spirits up while her husband Derek is in intensive care

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There was some good news for Kate and her family when her friend Jane Moore announced to Loose Women on Monday that Derek, 52, had again recovered from the induced coma.

Unfortunately, he has not regained consciousness yet and Kate revealed on Friday that her husband could stay in this state for a year.

The mom of two gave Jane Moore an update before Loose Women and said to her fellow panelists, “We always knew Kate was strong and an amazing woman, but honestly, I don’t know how she stands always . ”

On Friday in a tearful interview, Kate told GMB viewers, “He is still with us and has fought the most extraordinary battle.

“The fact that he is still here, I am very grateful to him.

“He is very, very sick and over time is a virus and as the doctors handle it but extraordinarily well and there seems to be a ray of hope. “

Kate Garraway smiled bravely when going out

Kate Garraway has been under intense stress since her husband was rushed to hospital

Kate continued, “It affected him from the top of his head to the bottom of his toes.

“Looking at the positives, he is now free from Covid, so he is negative, so the fight against the virus has been won and he is still there but it has caused extraordinary damage to his body and we do not know if he can recover from this. ”

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