Kanye West mercilessly taunted to turn the woman into a pepper ” like Kim Kardashian tribute backfires


Kanye West is mercilessly mocked by fans after paying tribute to his wife Kim Kardashian achieve a financial milestone. On Monday, 39 years old, keeping up With The Kardashians star Kim crossed into the elite group of world billionaires after his make-up has been bought by the giant of the cosmetics, Coty.

Proud husband Kanye, 43 years old, was so impressed by his wife to the realization that he has taken to social media to pay homage to her.

The self-proclaimed “genius”, has written a short poem to his wife – and he tweeted next to a photo of a pepper, a cherry tomato, a green tomato and a couple of flowers.

Kanye West has paid tribute to wife Kim Kardashian to become a billionaire

Declare his devotion, Kanye wrote: “I am so proud of my beautiful wife Kim Kardashian West officially become a billionaire.

“You have to survive the craziest storms and now God is shining on you and our family.

“Blessed is still the life.

“If I made you this yet in life.

“We love you so much.”

Kanye shared poetic words, and ” still life “, in celebration of Kim’s financial benchmark

The poetic word and artistic with the photo, so sweet for have been brutally ridiculed by the rappers 29.2 million followers.

A follower of a mocking tone said to him: “Kanye is a pepper, not your wife.”

Another joked: “Kim is a little bit different.”

Kim and Kanye have been married since 2014

While another ironically commented on Kanye’s writing by sharing a meme showing Shakespeare taking notes from Kanye.

A lot of fans and followers were disappointed Kanye didn’t tweet to share the details of the new music, with one respondent: “I am so excited when I see the notification, and turns out that he is just playing with a few tomatoes and flowers bruh.”

At the same time, other fans thoroughly dissected the social media update in the search for deeper meaning.

Fans joked that Kanye had taken a pepper for his wife

One follower questioned: “I may be reading a little too far into it. But I wonder if the left side is more determined to the male and the right side with a more determined female? Kim and Kanye are now side-by-side as multi-millionaires.

“Or is it just fruit, flowers and vegetables”

Another suggested: “The three flowers represent the women in the family and the vegetables are men.”


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