Justin Bieber Denies The Assault Allegation, Of Poles, Of The Reception Of The Hotel


Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

In response to a claim made this weekend, Justin Bieber took to Twitter on Sunday evening to deny sexually assaulting a woman while staying at an Austin four Seasons Hotel on March 9, 2014. While the singer admits he was in town this week to perform, Bieber said that he stayed at an AirBnB, and then the Westin, in the course of his trip, where he was joined by ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. The singer has posted an invoice for hotel and AirBnB confirmation e-mail in an attempt to refute the accusation. “Rumors are rumors, but sexual abuse is something that I do not take lightly,” Bieber tweeted. “I wanted to talk, but out of respect for a lot of victims that deal with these questions every day, I wanted to ensure that I gathered the facts before I made a statement.”


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