Judge: Bolton can publish the book in spite of the efforts to block it


A federal judge ruled Saturday that former national security adviser John Bolton can go ahead in the publication of his tell-all book despite efforts by the Trumpet of the administration to block the release because of concerns that classified information may be exposed. The decision of U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth was a victory for Bolton in a case involving the First Amendment and national security issues, even as the White House has promised to continue to prosecute the onetime top aide. And the judge has also made clear its concerns that Bolton had “played with the national security of the united States” in taking it upon himself to publish his memoirs, without authorization from the White House that said it was still being reviewed for classified information.

“Defendant Bolton has played with the national security of the united States. It has exposed his country and of the evil itself to civil (and potentially criminal) liability, ” Lamberth wrote. “But these facts do not control the motion before the Court. The government has failed to establish that the injunction to avoid irreparable damage. ”

The White House has reported the legal battle continues, saying that he would try to prevent Bolton get discount on the book.

The US President, Donald Trump has tweeted that Bolton ” has violated the law by releasing Classified Information (in massive amounts). He must pay a very high price, like others before him. This should never reproduce!!! “

In the meantime, however, the decision clears the path for a wider election-year readership and of the distribution of a memory, due out on Tuesday, which paints an unflattering picture of the Asset of foreign policy decision-making during the turbulent year-and-a-half that Bolton spent at the White House.

Bolton’s lawyer, Chuck Cooper, applauded Lamberth the refusal of the government’s attempt to “remove” the book. The publisher Simon & Schuster said that the decision ” justified the strong First Amendment protections against censorship and prior restraint of publication. ”

While it declined to stop the book, Lamberth suggested that Bolton may have left himself open to possible criminal prosecution for publishing classified information, and that the government may be successful in the prevention of Bolton to benefit financially.

The White House has indicated that it is intended to do exactly, saying in a statement that ” the government intends to hold Bolton to other requirements of their agreements and ensure that they are not receiving profits from its shameful decision to place their desire for money and attention in advance of its obligations to protect the national security. ”

Bolton team has insisted that Bolton had spent months in the address of the White House of concerns about classified information and that Bolton was insured at the end of April by the official that he was working with the manuscript did not contain any material. Bolton lawyers said the Advantage of the administration’s efforts to block the book were a pretext to censor him for an account that the White House has found unfavorable.

The Ministry of Justice continued this week to block publication of the book, and request that copies be retrieved. The officials said the book contained classified information, and has presented written statements of officials of the administration, attesting to that assertion. They have also said Bolton had not been able to perform the pre-publication review process is designed to prevent the officials of the disclosure of national security secrets in the books.

The judge did not take issue with these concerns in its 10-page order. But with more than 200,000 copies of the book have been distributed to booksellers across the country, tries to block his exit would be vain, indeed, Lamberth wrote. The mainstream media, the organizations have also got the book and published accounts on this subject.

“In taking it upon himself to publish his book without obtaining final approval of the national intelligence authorities, Bolton can, in fact, have caused the country irreparable harm. But in the era of Internet, even a handful of copies in circulation could destroy irrevocably confidentiality, ” Lamberth wrote.

“With hundreds of thousands of copies around the world, many in the newsroom — the damage is done. There is not to restore the status quo, ” the judge wrote.

Lamberth appeared divided during arguments on Friday. It was observed that Bolton did not wait for the insurance official of the White House that the book was free of classified information. But Lamberth was also suggested that it was helpless to stop the publication of the book, given that hundreds of thousands of copies have already been delivered.

“The Room Where it Happened: A White House Memoir” is a president whose foreign policy objectives have been inexorably linked to his own political gain.

Bolton said Trump, “argued” with China’s Xi Jinping at a 2019 top using Asset re-election prospects. Bolton wrote that the Asset related to the provision of military assistance to Ukraine that this country is ready to conduct investigations in the former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son Hunter — the claims that have been at the heart of an impeachment trial that ended with the Trumpet of the acquittal by the Senate in February.

The month of classification of the revision process of the manuscript has taken a complex path.

Bolton said that he said the April 27 by-a career official with whom he had worked for months on the changes that the manuscript was now free of classified information. But another White House official shortly after undertaken a further review and identified the equipment that he said was classified, prompting the administration to notify Bolton in writing against the publication.

Bolton said the lawyers of the White House’s assertions of classified material were an attempt to censure him, in a book that the administration is simply unflattering.

“If the First Amendment means anything, it is that the Government does not have the power to clasp his hand over the mouth of a citizen attempting to speak on a matter of great public import,” Bolton lawyers wrote in a court filing.

Trump, on Thursday called on the book to be a compilation of lies and made up stories ” intended to make him look bad. He tweeted that Bolton was just trying to get even for fire ” , like the sick puppy he is! ”

Even the Democrats who pounced on some of Bolton anecdotes to condemn the president, however, expressed frustration that he had saved of his book instead of participating in the impeachment case.


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