Jorge Masvidal attacks UFC’s “Take it or leave it” approach to fight negotiations


Jorge Masvidal does not deny having signed a new multi-combat contract with the UFC just before facing Nate Diaz last year, but the context really matters.

On Saturday, the only UFC champion “BMF” targeted promotion on his current negotiations for a title fight against reigning welterweight king Kamaru Usman. Masvidal said the UFC is offering him less money to fight for the title than he did to face Diaz in his last performance.

In response, UFC President Dana White quickly pointed out that Masvidal had signed a new eight-fight contract before the fight, and that there were still seven fights left on the contract.

Masvidal responded in a series of Twitter messages on Sunday while explaining how extending the contract was less of a gift and more of a requirement if he wanted to get the fight with Diaz in the first place.

“I am in a contract that I had to take to get paid,” said Masvidal. “The same way I got a new contract to fight (Darren) Till. Then a new contract to fight against Nate. They keep extending the fighting amounts to my contract to keep me locked up and when I say I only want a 4 fighting contract, it is take it or leave it.

“The negotiation is to take it or leave it. If I lose, you can cut me and not pay the rest of the contract. If I win, am I unable to renegotiate the contract? My father left a communist regime and prepared me for my whole life.

Under a standard UFC contract, the promotion also retains the right to extend an agreement if a fighter is injured and becomes unable to compete or refuses a fight offered to them. In other words, because Masvidal already has a contract, the UFC is obliged to offer him a certain number of fights, but if he does not accept for any reason, the case is prolonged.

This means Masvidal will remain under contract with the UFC until he finishes the remaining seven fights on his current contract.

“I can’t leave,” wrote Masvidal. “They keep me until they cut me or I fight my contract. “

The UFC will often renegotiate with a fighter even when a contract is not finished, but that does not mean that the old contract is canceled simply because they cannot be reconciled. The restrictive nature of the transactions, with the compensation he receives, seems to be rubbing Masvidal the wrong way and he knows he is not alone with these complaints.

“Why do all the big names have problems?” Masvidal said. “Conor (McGregor), (Jon) Jones, (Henry) Cejudo. We have to take it or retire. I love to fight and this is the fight of our lives.

As of now, Masvidal remains on the sidelines with no clear answer on when he will fight again.


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