John Ivison: The COVID mission is far from being accomplished, despite the last well-being message from Trudeau


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After a very difficult spring, things are going in the right direction

Certainly, if you compare Canada to these three lagging countries, or to Sweden, Brazil and Russia – as the graph shows – this country is doing pretty well. The dark fandango of death and dance infection in the United States led to a new prediction of 180,000 deaths in October (down from 125,000 now). The mortality rate in Canada per 100,000 population is much lower than that of the United Kingdom, France or the United States.

But compared to countries that have managed COVID well, the performance seems less impressive. The death rate in Canada per 100,000 population is double that of peer countries like Germany, Denmark and Norway. Even against the United States, Canada is not blameless – 8.3% of all cases resulted in death in Canada, compared to a fatality rate of 4.9% in the United States. This reflects the appalling carnage in Canada’s long-term care homes, where 20,602 cases have caused 6,920 deaths, or 81% of all deaths in the country.


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