John Bolton: Trump sought Xi to help re-election


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Bolton denies book contains classified information

US President Donald Trump has been trying to get China’s Xi Jinping to help him get re-elected, former National Security Advisor John Bolton new book says.

Mr. Bolton says Mr. Trump wanted China to buy agricultural products from US peasants, according to the details of the forthcoming book described by US media,

He also said Mr. Trump “has remained incredibly uninformed about how to run the White House.”

The Trump Administration is trying to block the book from hitting the shelves.

On Wednesday evening, the Ministry of Justice attempted an emergency order from a judge to prevent publication.

The 577-page book, titled The Piece Where It Happened, is due to go on sale on June 23.

In January, the White House said it contained “top secret” details, which should be removed if Mr. Bolton rejected this.

Trump this week told reporters Bolton may face “criminal issues” over the book.

Hawk’s foreign policy joined the White House in April 2018 and left in September of the following year, saying that he had decided to leave the national security adviser. Trump’s president, however, said he shot Mr. Bolton because he “strongly” disagreed with him.

On the one hand, the account of John Bolton proposed in his new book should seem somewhat familiar.

It is hardly the first time that a former adviser or anonymous current adviser to Donald Trump has offered anecdotes about a president, seemingly indifferent to council details and uninformed on basic foreign policy issues. For nearly three-and-a-half, there are plenty of stories about a White House plagued by backbiting and internal power struggles.

Mr. Bolton’s book goes beyond this path, however, in painting a large portrait of a president ready to bow to foreign policy ahead of his domestic and political staff. This is the heart of the Congress Democrats ’dismissal of the Trump case in January.

Bolton confirms allegations that the president wanted to withhold military aid under pressure from Ukraine to provide damaging information about Democratic rival Joe Biden. Bolton added that Trump in his dealings with China was also done with an eye on his re-election, and that he repeatedly intervened to help friendly autocrats around the world.

The Republicans suggest it is all the work of a disgruntled employee trying to sell books, while the Democrats are already grumbling that Bolton should have offered these bombs during the impeachment procedure. This ship has sailed, of course, but the Bolton Book may still have a bite, diverting presidential campaign attention from struggling to balance in less than five months before election day.

What does Bolton claim about meeting Xi?

The allegations refer to a meeting between the President, the Trumpet and President Xi at the G20 summit in Osaka in June of last year.

The Chinese president complained that some critics of China, calling for a new cold war, Bolton said in an excerpt from the book published in the New York Times.

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He said that Mr. Trump supposedly Mr. Xi is referring to his Democratic opponents.

“Trump, surprisingly, turned the conversation into the next US presidential election [in 2020]hinting at China’s economic capacity and pleading with Xi to make sure he wins, “Bolton said.

“He stressed the importance of farms and increasing purchases of soybeans and wheat from China in the election results. ”

When Xi agreed to hold talks on farm products, a priority in trade negotiations, Trump called him “the greatest leader in the history of China.”

Speaking Wednesday evening, Bolton’s disputed US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said, saying: the request for re-election assistance “never happened.”

Bolton also mentioned a previous conversation at the top of the opening dinner, in which they discussed the construction of camps in western China’s Xinjiang region.

Trump said construction should go ahead because it was “exactly the right thing to do.”

China has arrested over one million Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in the punishment and indoctrination camps.

Trump’s administration has been publicly critical of China’s treatment of Uyghurs, and on Wednesday in the White House said the president just signed legislation authorizing US sanctions against Chinese government officials repression of Muslims in Xinjiang province.

Mr. Trump Democratic challenger in this November election, Joe Biden, said in a statement about the book: “If these accounts are met, it is not only morally repugnant, it is a violation of Donald Trump’s sacred duty for the American people. “

What did Bolton say about Ukraine?

Bolton said the impeachment investigation said the president may have had a different outcome this year if it had been beyond Ukraine and investigated other instances of alleged political interference.

In January President Trump was indicted for suspending military pressure aid, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the start of a corruption investigation into Mr. Biden and his son Hunter.

The president denied the wrongdoing and was acquitted after two weeks of trial, in the Republican majority in the Senate in February, which did not include all witnesses.

Mr. Bolton – who was criticized by Democrats for refusing to testify at the hearing – does not argue whether he thinks Mr. Trump’s actions on Ukraine were flawless.

Mr. Bolton’s book contains a number of other explosive allegations:

“Oh, are you a nuclear power?”

Among other things, Mr. Trump is presumed to have been unaware that the UK was a nuclear power.

Britain’s atomic deterrent came during a meeting with Theresa May, in 2018, when he was mentioned by one of his prime ministers.

According to the book, Mr. Trump said, “Oh, are you a nuclear power? Bolton said he could say he “was no joke.”

Trump also once asked his former chief of staff John Kelly if Finland was part of Russia, writes Bolton.

Invading Venezuela would be “cool”

Trump said invading Venezuela would be “cool,” the book said, and that the South American nation was “really part of the United States.”

But he was less enthusiastic about another invasion. From the conflict in Afghanistan, Mr. Trump is quoted in the book as saying, “It was done by a stupid person named George Bush. ”

Bolton writes that in a May 2019 phone call, Russian President Vladimir Putin ripped off a “bright Soviet-style propaganda screen” by equating Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó with 2016 Democratic presidential candidate ‘Hillary Clinton, who “largely convinced Trump”.

Mr. Putin aims to defend his ally, President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro, Mr. Bolton writes. In 2018, Mr. Trump labeled the left Mr. Maduro a dictator and imposed sanctions, but he clung to power.

In an ABC News interview to be broadcast full Sunday, Mr. Bolton said of Mr. Trump: “I think Putin thinks he can play him like a violin. “

“This is a bad place”

Bolton writes that a lot of the president’s private aide criticized him.

When he got to the White House, Bolton said Kelly warned, “You can’t imagine how desperate I am to get out of here. It’s a bad place to work, as you’ll see. ”

During Mr. Trump’s 2018 meeting with the leader of North Korea, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo passed Mr. Bolton a note on the president who said, “He’s full of shit. ”

He writes that Mr. Pompeo, often described as a Loyalist Trump, was among the aides who viewed him as resigning in disgust in frustration at work for the president.

Bolton writes that the president “saw plots behind the rocks, and remained incredibly uninformed about how to run the White House, not to mention the huge federal government. “

Journalists should be “executed”

According to Bolton account, during a 2019 meeting in New Jersey Mr. Trump said reporters – including some of the organizations he often described as fake news – should only have to disclose their sources or face jail time .

“These people must be executed. They’re bastards, ”Trump is quoted as saying.


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