Joanna Lumley is planning a trip to France this summer


< div> Joanna Lumley said she would “trust” public transportation safely and fly to France this summer with her husband.

Actress Absolutely Fabulous, 74, had to cancel a documentary on the spice route due to the coronavirus crisis, but said she now plans to travel again.

When asked if she intends to go abroad this summer, she said to the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, “Yes, I’m going to France because it’s no longer locked- out. And we will go there safely.

Joanna Lumley said she will be going to France this summer (Ian West / PA)

“We will actually fly there, because I have to trust, if they say public transportation is safe, it is safe and it is gone. So my husband and I will do it.

“We had to cancel our huge trip this coming year, which was the documentary on the spice route, but I’m doing a great tour of England. ”

Lumley added that she is revisiting her previous documentaries and directing new programs based on footage that has not been touched up.

She said: “In this lock-in period, I searched my documentaries and of course masses of tapes, masses of old footage, we couldn’t integrate it because the programs literally can’t contain as many sequences .

“So I set up three of the most amazing story programs that we had to leave out – Transsiberia, Mongolia, Japan, China, Iran, Uzbekistan, everywhere. We have collected all the stories we had to miss, which will be released in late July. So it was a busy period. “


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