Jet2 offers flights for thousands of customers – and will only fly to non-quarantine countries


Jet2 has canceled flights for thousands of customers – and has vowed to fly only to countries without quarantine.The airline, which has a base at Birmingham Airport near the NEC in Solihull, has announced that certain flights will no longer be operated.

The possibility of air bridges has long been discussed, with tourism leaders from European countries suggesting that they could be based in the United Kingdom.

Travel corridors would effectively give the green light to summer vacations for 2020, as Britons can fly to and from certain countries without quarantine.

Air bridges could be established for some of the continent’s most popular tourist sites, including France, Spain and Greece.

Portugal could also benefit, alongside Cyprus.

Jet2 failed across the country and across Europe earlier this year as the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc.

The unprecedented coronavirus crisis has allowed countries to close borders and flights grounded by airlines around the world.

Now many flights are resuming, including Jet2, but some holidays and flights have been cut.

They updated their advice

A spokesperson said, “We will be implementing a revised program for the summer of 20 and we look forward to accompanying our customers on our award-winning flights and package tours.

“Due to the ongoing uncertainty caused by the coronavirus crisis, there is a reduction in the number of routes on sale and a lower frequency of services for the summer of 20.

“We will not be flying and vacationing to Jersey, Mykonos, Santorini, Kalamata, Halkidiki, Lesbos, Nice and Verona this summer, and further reductions are underway at our nine UK bases.

“We are also in the process of making changes to our schedules. ”

Jet2 plans to fly from July 15. Other airlines that will be increasing their flights next month include TUI, the largest British tour operator, and Ryanair, Easyjet and many others.

Jet2 added: “We will be sharing details of our full Summer 20 program very soon.

“We will only take customers to non-quarantine destinations, so we are asking the government to provide urgent clarity on the airlift so that customers can plan their vacations.”


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