JESSICA MULRONEY: hide in Muskoka while the controversy rages on


The socialist besieged Jessica Mulroney is hiding in the cottage of a friend of Muskoka as the storm of fire that derailed his career televised rage, said sources at the Toronto Sun.Before last week, Mulroney seemed to have it all.

A show on CTV, regular appearances on Hello America, and a business-style animated. Add to the membership of two of the most famous families of Canada and a best friend named Meghan Markle and it’s a powerful CV company.

But intimidate a blogger fashion black, threatening his company and a “responsible” [sic] costume coupled with accusations of “privileged white” and an apology deceptive left this life in ruins.

In addition, a source has said that CTV has set up a working group to interview members of the staff on his show-focused, I do, redo.

Jessica Mulroney and beautiful colleague of the company, Krystal Koo.



Mulroney is now curled up with her husband Ben Mulroney on the great traveller of the Lake Joseph Cottage of Society, Krystal Koo.

Colleagues from CTV, of the worldly and of the people that Mulroney would have rubbed the wrong way over the years get up and are counted.

Shinan Govani, the observer of long time of the urban society, said the case goes through a number of different worlds, society, fashion, media, politics and royalty.

“Jessica has never been more present on the social scene since the royal wedding [in 2018]”Said Govani.

He added that Mulroney seems to have a kind of “neurosis of the social media”.

“It removes and élaguait always his / her account Instagram and the message to Sasha arrived at 2h24 in the morning “, he said, adding that there had been a number of other occasions on which Mulroney was out of line on the social networks.

Govani feels that Mulroney is a woman very “precarious” and when you combine this “insecurity” with “money and fame, it can give an explosive cocktail”.

Lainey has written an opus on his blog about Jessica Mulroney and afraid now of reprisals.



Chronicler of celebrity gossip and television personality, Lainey has unloaded on Mulroney in a opus of 3000 words or more. She has been working with Ben for the past 15 years ETalk, Showbiz sparkling CTV.

“Before last week, before that Sasha Exeter is not her story, there were a lot of people in the canadian media with their own stories of Jessica Mulroney. Some of them think to say now after Sasha had opened the door. But they don’t work with her husband “, she wrote on

He added that, because of the influence and the power of Mulroney, she was afraid for her livelihood.

“People are afraid of retaliation. I’m afraid of retaliation – and I guess I just make the situation worse with this post. The punishment may not come this week or next week, but in three or six months of age, when privileged white of Jessica [already working in her favour] is reactivated, ” wrote Him.

“She has powerful allies. ”

Jessica Mulroney has also rubbed many people in the fashion industry in the wrong direction.

In one case, a big wig Holt Renfrew has asked one of the buyers personal store “to help Jessica to choose something to Sophie Gregoire. There was no good styles or sizes in the store of Ottawa, then they called Toronto. ”

The former employee added: “I have sent him an e-mail. And I called her… there has been no response. She has never taken the trouble to remind his or her client. ”

In another incident, Mulroney had to enter in a store of the Hudson bay with a woman who had won a contest for a shopping spree of $ 2,500. She was going to style the winner and the representatives of public relations have sent the size, the size and the color of the hair of the woman.

The staff has selected a number of stylish outfits that women would love.

“When Jessica arrived, there was no eye contact, no ‘Hello’ … She has loved throughout the winner of the contest “, said a former Sun. “She used my private office to use the phone without asking, and just told me to slam the door in his face. ”

“I said to myself, is this how you act when you met the queen? I understand, it is not the world for me please. I understand that. But she does not know me or who I know. She was completely without grace. It was rather disappointing. ”

Govani said: “If you told me a week ago that this would be the main topic on CTV The social, I would have laughed. ”

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