Jenny Slate has resigned from the wide mouth of Netflix to support Black Lives Matter


The actress and comedian Jenny Slate has announced that it would no longer hear the character of Missy, a young black girl on Netflix. Big Mouth a series of cartoons, in order to support the movement Black Lives Matter.

“At the beginning of the show, I said to myself that it was allowed for me to play ‘Missy’ because his mother is jewish and white like me, ” wrote Slate in an article Instagram on Wednesday. “But” Missy ” is also black, and the characters are black of an animated show should be played by Blacks. ”

Slate said that as a white woman playing a seventh grader black, she “was engaged in an act of erasure of the Black” because she tried to only focus on the white story of the character to justify why she could play the role.

The cartoon Netflix, created by Nick Kroll, has aired three seasons since his first appearance in 2017. The other three series have already been ordered. Slate was part of a cast all-star, including Maya Rudolph, Jordan Peele, John Mulaney, and Fred Armisen.

Slate has already recorded the fourth season of the show, which will be released with it later in the year. Netflix refondra then the role.

“I recognize how my original understanding was flawed,” said Slate, ” that it existed as an example of privilege, white and indemnities for unjust made in a system of white supremacy, societal, and me, playing ‘Missy’, I played an act of erasure of the Black. “

The decision of the actor to withdraw from the role comes as the events of Black Lives Matter have erupted around the world, after the murder of George Floyd by the police in Minneapolis.

While most of the protests have focused on police brutality and murder of Blacks, the social movement has also called for Whites to examine their own racism and actively fight against racism, in particular by renouncing their own privileges and promoting Blacks. in their industries.

“Put an end to the representation of “Missy” is a step in a process of a lifetime to see the racism in my actions, ” wrote Slate.

“Thinking back to the nature and emergency of my own voice in comedy, I know I’ve made mistakes along the way,” wrote Slate. “I can’t change the past, but I can take responsibility for my choices. I will continue to engage in anti-racist action significant to think about the messages in my work, to be curious and open to comments, and do my best to take responsibility for the way in which I am a part of the problem. ”

Also on Wednesday, the creative team behind the upcoming animated series Apple Central Park has announced that Kristen Bell would be recast as the voice behind the character of mixed-race Molly Tillerman.

“Kristen Bell is an actress of extraordinary talent who has joined the cast of Central park since almost the first day of the development of the series – before you even have a character for it – and she has since delivered a performance that is funny, sincere and beautiful, ” said the team in the series in a press release. “But after reflection, Kristen , with the whole creative team, acknowledges that the casting of the character of Molly is an opportunity to obtain a correct representation to launch a actress black or mestizo and give Molly a voice that resonates with all the nuances and experiences of the character as we have drawn. ”

They added that Bell will continue to be part of the show in a new role.

Big Mouth and Central park are the last show to be affected by the movement Black Lives Matter. Both 30 Rock and Scrubs have had episodes featuring characters of blackface from streaming services this week.


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