Jefferson Poirot leaves France at 27


Poirot made his debut against Italy in 2016

Former French team captain Jefferson Poirot retired from international rugby at age 27 for lack of motivation.

Support said it has struggled since France’s quarterfinal loss to Wales at the World Cup last year.

“When the competition ended, a few minutes after the final whistle, I felt empty,” Poirot, who won 36 caps, told L’Equipe.

“The decision was made in a fraction of a second. ”

Poirot, who plays for Bordeaux-Bègles, added: “I feel that my motivation is not at its maximum.

“I have always promised myself that I would be 100% playing for France, not to lie. The Blues are the Holy Grail. I can’t go play for them and just take my cap and my bonus. ”

Poirot was the captain of France against Tonga in the group stage of the 2019 World Cup.

He only started one of France’s four Six Nations games postponed this year.

“It is not in my character to give up. Making this decision goes much deeper than that, “said Poirot.

“It was difficult but it had the opposite effect. It gave me relief. The decision was even easier to make. I could be criticized, but I haven’t lied to anyone. “


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